Kandi Burruss's Daughter, Riley Burruss, Seems To Reveal Her Nose Job According To These Photos And Some Fans

Kandi Burruss's Daughter, Riley Burruss, Seems To Reveal Her Nose Job According To These Photos And Some Fans
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Kandi Burruss 's daughter, Riley Burruss , has been grabbing headlines after she posted a few photos and videos on social media.

Fans of the teen and the Real Housewives of Atlanta star were quick to notice that something had changed.

Many believe that Riley had a nose job at the age of 17. Others, who saw the graduation photos, say, Riley did not have plastic surgery, she went too far with the makeup and contouring.

Either way, tongues are wagging about what happened to Riley's beautiful face.

One person replied: "What happened to her face is this a photoshop. What happened to the nose 😳🤷🏾‍♀️Her face is unproportional with that tiny nose. I wonder how many of them have their surgery and think oh damn that what I expected."

A second social media user said: "I understand having parts of your body that you don't like and changing it, but that doctor did a horrible job, and I wanna cry for her. She's going to hate her new nose way more than her old nose."

This follower stated: "I don't like the new👃you were beautiful just the way you was anyway congratulations ❤️She was way prettier with her original nose. I hate to see when people do this to themselves. She was such a pretty girl. This new nose makes her face look fatter."

Another fan revealed: "She don't look like Kandi no more after her nose job, why did Riley do that her mom is beautiful and so was she with that nose...I don't understand why Kandi couldn't instill that self-love in her🤦🏾‍♀ , not just cos you have the money you should do it."

This backer wrote: "Kandi proving she's not that great of a parent. A nose job already?? She supposed to building up her confidence, not with quick fixes. Smh.Unreal, she would all her to toy with her face. So because you are going to NYU, you don't think your appearance is well enough. It's all about your intelligence...so what happens when she thinks her body is applying enough. She will do the same for that baby because she, not cute baby."

A supporter responded: "Congratulations on your graduation. Keep up the good work and always remember to repel negativity. Stay blessed, Riley.💃 She either over-contoured or she needs to sue the doctor that did that to her nose. I mean, if she's happy with it, fine, but that's not good work. Either way, she is a beautiful girl! Might I add how old I feel when I think about how young she was when we first met her on RHOA."

This Instagrammer chimed in: "She did not need a nose job. She was perfect. But she's still a queen though. Her nose and eyes look different. We have to find ourselves Confidence to start loving oneself. We be thinking that mess be Enhancing our pretty. In sometimes, it be taking away from what pretty we already have."

The teen has not addressed the rumors.

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