Kandi Burruss Won't Confirm Or Deny Her RHOA Salary But Says Bravo Has Treated Her Well

Kandi Burruss Won't Confirm Or Deny Her RHOA Salary But Says Bravo Has Treated Her Well
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kandi Burruss is too much of a lady to discuss her salary for Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, her latest praise to Bravo makes it seem that all the chat about her being the highest-paid is true.

While visiting the Wendy Williams Show, Kenya Moore got into the subject of who is the real Queen of RHOA. While many insist that it's Nene Leakes, Kenya claims that Kandi makes the most which automatically makes her the queen.

'Kandi makes the most money, OK? So, if I was coming for anybody's purse and bag it would be Kandi's,' she explained.

The singer told Entertainment Tonight: 'I'm not going to confirm neither here nor there. What I will say is, I've seen what the blogs said for years, and they've never had my salary right, OK?'

Most reports claim Leakes is the top biller while others have had Kandi's name in the same spot.

It would make sense for the Bravolebrity to make more than her co-star considering she's the only one who has been on every season.


Burruss went on to say that she doesn't understand where the articles published get their information from because she has never verified how much she makes.

She went on to give the network praise.

'Bravo has treated me well, as well as they treat everybody well on this show. They take care of us and I'm happy with what they pay me and I'm leaving it at that. I do not care about what everybody else gets paid, so then I don't want them to care what I get paid.'

The soon-to-be mom of three also revealed that she confronted Moore about her statements. She said that Kenya thought it was funny and claimed that she needed to 'let them know' while Kandi joked that she was staying out of it.


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