Kandi Burruss' Video Triggers A Debate In The Comments

Kandi Burruss' Video Triggers A Debate In The Comments
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Kandi Burruss ' video managed to trigger a debate in the comments. Check out the clip below.

'What place are you in? But the fact that multiple people I know didn’t get the answer right I’m gonna have to rethink my circle…. 🤣🤣🤣 Don’t look through the comments for the answer until you put your answer in the chat!' Kandi captioned her post.

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Someone said: 'Kandi: why you start my morning like this sis?! Whyyyyyyyy 😩😂' and another follower posted this: 'They’re both right: Cause the question is left with so much information to assume cause of diction. He sounds as if he could be saying….1. “You pass me” which makes him go from 3rd to 1st.Or… 2. “You’re past me” which means he’s already in 1st place. The diction is the loser in this question. Lol.'

One fan said: 'High niggas asking other high niggas of they high 😂😂😂' and one fan said: 'I promise you this is not a good representation of VA lmbo 😂 #twouptwodown.'

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A fan said: 'Ahh hell NO! 😂😂As a people we don't need this out here all on the internet right now for other ppl to see 😂😂...throw this whole clip away! We don't need to be out here like this!🤣🤣🤣... ⚰⚰'

Someone else said: 'Remedial mafuckaz like thiz...must of received their diploma from the governor of Oregon.....😒'

Kandi Burruss   praises her friends and she shared a message for them on IG. Check it out here.

'It’s a beautiful thing when you’ve known a person over 30yrs & it’s still all love! I met @reeceodum in 5th grade & then along came @carmoncambrice & @msterry40 in 6th grade. It’s crazy how time flies!' Kandi captioned her post.


Also, Kandi   shared some photos from her hubby's birthday celebration. Check out her pics.

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