Kandi Burruss Upsets Some Fans With This Photo In Which She's With A Male Friend

Kandi Burruss Upsets Some Fans With This Photo In Which She's With A Male Friend
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss is known for always showing support for her pals and promoting them. Her loyalty towards people has been deeply appreciated by fans all the time.

Now, she posted a shout out for one of her friends, a popular TV producer, Luke Neslage, who is celebrating his birthday.

'Happy Birthday to my favorite one of my favorite tv producers! @lneslage I hope this next year brings you so much happiness! Give him some bday love y’all! Kandi capti0ned her post.

Some people believe that the way in which he is holding Kandi is not appropriate at all, considering the fact that she is a married woman.

Other people said that Todd probably doesn't feel comfortable watching this either.

Somoene said: 'Happy birthday Mr. Producer...keep producing those smiles,' and another follower seemed bothered by the pic and posted this: 'Kandi you are a married woman..he should not be holding you like that.'

Another commenter posted: 'He is holding on tight! lol happy birthday!' and someone else said: I don't know why but Kandi looks so uncomfortable to me 🀣 Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰'

A fan also noted that 'He is a lil too up close and personal hell naw! l even I twitched a lil for Todd if he didn't... we coo bruh but 🀚🏽 back up some.'

Another fan said: 'happy birthday cutey lol, he's cute Kandi, and ur my favorite housewife, then Cynthia, then Eva, that's where it ends lol, enjoy ur birthday sir.'

You probably know by now that Kandi and Todd just welcomed another baby in the family via surrogate.

In a new Speak On It video uploaded to her Youtube channel, she recalled a time that one of her family members hurt her feelings regarding this issue.

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