Kandi Burruss Uploads A New Episode Of Her 'Speak On It' Series On YouTube

Kandi Burruss Uploads A New Episode Of Her 'Speak On It' Series On YouTube
Credit: BET

Last Sunday, RHOA fans did not get a new episode of their favorite show, but this did not stop Kandi Burruss from uploading a new episode of her Speak on It series on her social media account. Check it out below:

'Although we didn’t have a new #RHOA episode last Sunday I still made a #SpeakOnIt. Check it out now at #KandiOnline on YouTube!' Kandi captioned her post.

A follower posted this: 'I think that's kinda true! The energy would not have been 100% the same. But we know you ain’t no punk.'

One other commenter said: 'I promise you, if Todd's mom was still alive and treated you anywhere near how its shown your mom does him....you wouldn't like it...AT ALL...especially with you being a Taurus woman.'

Someone else posted this message on Kandi's YouTube channel: 'When you put relatives before your husband it speaks volume as to who you put first in the marriage, I mean are you married to Todd or your mom. It's not ordained by GOD, no one should come before your husband. How many seasons are we are going to keep watching your mom putting down your, husband, I mean you got the prenup do you still feel he is an opportunist? Has he not proven his loyalty to you. The story line is getting old with your mom belittling Todd, sorry.'

Another follower said: 'I'm not married and I feel like in any relationship you should always have your wife/husband backs and shouldn't allow anybody to speak down on your mate period💯 wrong is wrong and right is right! Kandi should find more time to balance everything out in her life, family etc., ❤ As a single Mom you should enjoy those precious moments with your kids and family! Mama Joyce needs to chill out when it comes down to Todd!'

A fan believes the following: 'I really think you’re amazing Kandi, but being overprotective and caring about your child means respecting them and their spouse. It shouldn’t be just “what it is.” I’m sure you would not appreciate being treated like that. It gets old. Love ya!'

What do you think about what Kandi has to say?


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