Kandi Burruss Supports Kenya Moore Following Her Breakup With Marc Daly - See Kenya's Gorgeous Photo With Brooklyn Daly

Kandi Burruss Supports Kenya Moore Following Her Breakup With Marc Daly - See Kenya's Gorgeous Photo With Brooklyn Daly
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As diehard fans may know by now, Kenya Moore and Marc Daly have separated. Fans have been speculating this for quite a while now, and eventually, it seemed that they were right all along.

Kenya has been sharing all kinds of posts on her social media, which basically say the same thing: that she stands alone these days.

Fans have been more than supportive of her.

Here's the most recent photo that Kenya shared in which people can see baby Brooklyn Daly as well.

'“Me and my baby, we gon' be alright We gon' live a good life...”' Kenya captioned her post.

Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey praised Kenya and supported her.

A follower posted: 'Just a stunning photo of you and that beautiful baby Kenya- be blessed many prayers for you!'

One fan said: 'God has your front, back, and side. Your gonna be just fine.😍'

A shocked follower posted this: 'So it's true? You and Marc are over? I'm so gutted. Was rooting for you.'

Someone else said: 'Yes you are. You got this mama. Keep your head up this too shall pass.'

A fan posted: 'You and baby Brooklyn are going to be alright with God at the forefront. Be encouraged beautiful 💙'

Someone told the RHOA star this: 'Dang Kenya your caption says it all but I pray for yall that u not have to only deal with him for your child and for your vows hopefully the love for each other will keep yall going instead of the love for your child having yall dealing ❤'

A fan wrote: 'Kenya - you are so beautiful and have persevered through so much. It’s my sincere prayer that you and Baby Brooklyn continue to live a life full of love, happiness, peace, and joy! #YouDeserveIt #BrooklynIsLife.'

Another follower posted: 'Yessssss Kenya! This is a beautiful pic of you and Brookie Cookie ❤️😍🔥.'

Recently, Kenya posted a beautiful pic, and alongside it, she wrote something very profound that people really appreciated and respected.

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  • Katherine
    Katherine Oct 1, 2019 12:55 PM PDT

    Anon Houston you are right & wise! Bless you for keeping TRUTH 💯 It is always discontentment when another family is applauded praised for their breakdown. And what's worse, is when the involved persons are blind to this mad subliminal indoctrination. This is NOT Kenya's baby, yet Marc & Kenya's baby...

  • Anon Houston
    Anon Houston Sep 30, 2019 1:25 PM PDT

    I just don't believe she was ever married. A picture with a bunch of people standing around yet no one spill the tea and where is the official doing the wedding or something. I don't even believe she personally carried the baby (there is nothing wrong with a surrogate) I believe she said so, so she could say she bounced by quickly. She never looked really really like she was expecting. Now my reasons for not trusting anything she says is her last behavior among other things. I think she is a fake lair, however if it is true I hope you remember all the dirty things she had said, i.e. Walter is gay, Pheara husband is fine and the texts between them, Kim Fields husband is gay, other young men said she would call him over than call police to which she didn't reply. She can't be trusted to tell the truth. I felted she was disrespectful from the first, none of the ladies had ever flirted with the other husbands but she came on the show flirting with Pheara's husband and the first trip flirting and grabbing on a man. Nope she is none of the women's friends

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