Kandi Burruss Spills The Tea On Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley's Wedding

Kandi Burruss Spills The Tea On Porsha Williams And Dennis McKinley's Wedding
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Kandi Burruss is spilling the tea about everybody who appears on the Real Housewives of Atlanta .

This week, the Xscape singer and businesswoman sat down for an interview with Hollywood Life , where she had a lot to say about the epic cheating scandal involving Porsha Williams and fiancé Dennis McKinley.

The couple had a fairy tale romance that peaked when they welcomed their adorable baby daughter, Pilar Jhena, into the world on March 22. Moreover, it all came crashing down after Dennis confessed to cheating on Porsha.

After some therapy sessions, they worked things out, but Kandi is still a bit surprised.

She said: “It did when it happened, because at first when we started the season, she was so done. But everybody could figure it out, I guess, especially when they have a beautiful baby."

Kandi was asked if the wedding is still on for Porsha and Dennis that was set for New Year’s Eve.

The songwriter shared: "I think she’s taking her time. I think she’s still trying to work on them as a couple, and we’ll see.”

Porsha opened up about the situation by saying this on the Bravo show: “After I heard what I needed to hear, I got up and stormed out. At that point, I didn’t want to hear anymore because, for me, I had just heard my fiancé say that he actually had sex with someone while I was carrying our child. I didn’t want to hear anything else. There was nothing else I needed to hear, nothing I needed to say. I didn’t need to know the reasons. I didn’t need to know anything else.”

She added to the viewers: “I literally wish I could wake up and [have] somebody could be like, ‘It was a dream, it didn’t happen. The movie keeps playing in my head. I keep playing all of these moments. We’re, like, creating a real family, and just to think it wasn’t real is really hurtful.”

Via social media, Porsha also said this: "Learn to take both compliments and criticism gracefully; it takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow! 🌻 Jeans: @minxstaroffical Hair: @gonakedhair 📸/Mua @kendrickken3 #Rhoa."

Many predict that Dennis and Porsha will have a second child together.


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