Kandi Burruss' Son, Ace Wells Tucker Has Fans Praising Him After They See This Video

Kandi Burruss' Son, Ace Wells Tucker Has Fans Praising Him After They See This Video
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Kandi Burruss shared a video on her social media account which features her and Todd Tucker's son, Ace Wells Tucker. People are gushing over the boy for various reasons.

'Ayyyeee! My little Ace was excited today to go to #JurrasicQuest. Thanks for taking him @jas_nic_x!' Kandi captioned her post.

Somoene wrote: 'My son has on the same outfit today. 😘'

A follower noted that 'The fact that he has on a shirt from Walmart makes my day it says to me that as parent Kandi don't always buy designer labels and just let's her son be great in whatever he wears love it 😍😍❤️🙌'

One person brought up Todd's daughter: 'ppl are constantly asking where Kaela is, as if they’re leaving her out.'

A fan posted this: '“Where is Kaela? She doesn’t wanna hang out with her brother?” Don’t cuss me out Kandi. I couldn’t resist. 😔'

A follower said: 'His hair is super nice @kandi ur vids of young always make me smile n happy, thx🙏🏾'

Someone else also gushed over Ace: 'This little Todd is nothing but pure happiness. He always brings a smile on my face each time l see him.'

A follower wrote: 'Kandi, I know you probably won’t see this comment, but I cannot get over how alike our sons look!!!!! Me and my family scroll past your page and mistake them for each other, and even when I’m watching RHOA I’m like is that Bryce?! Nope, that’s just Ace 😂 It’s the funniest thing to me! Our boys are absolutely adorable!!!!'

Recently, Kandi celebrated the birthday of her gorgeous daughter, Riley Burruss .

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  • Judith Lewis
    Judith Lewis Aug 27, 2019 8:39 PM PDT

    Kandi, please do not entertain the questions about Todd's daughter not being with u. She was is in College and u do not have time to respond to ignorant ppl. She is in College where they need to be

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