Kandi Burruss Shows Off The Shoes She'll Be Wearing For The RHOA Reunion

Kandi Burruss Shows Off The Shoes She'll Be Wearing For The RHOA Reunion
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss made her fans excited with a photo that she shared on her social media account for the RHOA reunion. People adored the heels that are featured in the pic and you can also see them below.

Someone told Kandi: 'At least you get to do this one from home, have a drink and maybe say your computer froze!'

A follower said: 'Stay real, we love you on the show and reunion,' and someone else wrote: 'Why y’all wearing heels and we can't see them? Lol.'

One other commenter posted: 'If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready... Lol Never know, they may be set up in a chair or on a couch, showing their entire Reunion Attire 💜'

Another follower responded with: 'yea each of them has producers at there home so I’m sure they are going to film behind the scenes and take photos,' and someone else wrote: 'Oh we gonna see the entire outfit. Think they're doing all white.'

An excited fan said: 'Oh I love reunions, so everyone can see how they behaved throughout the season!' and one other follower posted this: 'I'm sure it won't be as eventful as usual. Might be easier since u won't be in each other's presence.'

Someone else said: 'This will be strange to watch with everyone not together on the same set!' and one other follower loved the shoes as well: 'The shoes are EVERYTHING! My mom collects butterflies. But the reunion hunti.... I will be glued to the tv for this on! I know it will be juicy! Make sure Nene has her titties cover up please! Just nasty.'

A fan said: 'Right...Baby ankles and granddaddy long legs are going to come for you because they both have jealous spirits...Fly high.'

Other than this, the other day, Kandi shared a couple of new pics featuring her baby girl, Blaze Tucker , for her fifth anniversary.

In one of the pics, her and Todd Tucker’s son, Ace Wells Tucker, is also featured, and fans are here for these pics.


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