Kandi Burruss Shows Off Some Snippets From Her Forbes Women Article

Kandi Burruss Shows Off Some Snippets From Her Forbes Women Article
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Kandi Burruss recently announced her fans that she had been featured in Forbes Women.

She also made sure to tell people that her dream is to grace the cover of Forbes just like Kylie Jenner and more celebs.

But meanwhile, she is showing off some snippets from the article in Forbes Women as you can see in her recent post on social media.

'Snippets from my @forbeswomen article! It’s Money Making Monday! #moneymakingmonday' Kandi captioned her post on social media.

Someone said 'Well said Queen, and I'm taking this in as my mental note I so needed to see this post right now. 👑😍'

Another follower posted: 'Spoken from a boss I guess it’s time for me to stop playing I need to finish and publish my book 📚 thanks Kandi I needed to see this.'

Someone else was also grateful to Kandi and said: 'Thank you for the words of encouragement... I'm working on branded myself this year in order 2 take my real estate biz to the next level... God strategically place people in your life who bring positive energy to you in order two thrive!'

Another follower posted: 'I have literally been taking notes from your social media on a consistent basis. I’m super inspired and ALMOST ready to start my business.'

One other supporter was also grateful to Kandi for her words and told her this: 'What da!! How u know!! Ok !!! I'm going to finish my business plan for my smoothie bar!! Marketing is the key.'

Kandi is currently taking part in Celebrity Big Brother, and some of her fans have recently warned her to stay away from Tamar Braxton while she's in the house.

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