Kandi Burruss Shows Fans The Video That Moved Her Recently: 'This Is A Powerful Song'

Kandi Burruss Shows Fans The Video That Moved Her Recently: 'This Is A Powerful Song'
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Kandi Burruss shared a video on her social media account that managed to move her lately - as you might expect, it has to do with the tragic story of George Floyd. Check out the video below.

'I already was moved by hearing @keedronbryant sing #IJustWantToLive & the added production by @demjointz makes me want to hear it on the radio. This is a powerful song! Needed this. 🙌🏾 RIP #GeorgeFloyd#IJustWantToLive #IJustWannaLive,' Kandi captioned the video.

Someone said: 'It’s the shirt and the voice yup he’s so righteous 👏🏾👑 #mykind,' and another commenter posted this: 'This boy right here gives me life. His words are so powerful and uplifting as I pray for my black sons.'

One other follower wrote: 'So profound .. makes me sad and proud every time I hear it,' and another Instagrammer said: 'This is amazing. The anthem of the movement. It should be played EVERYWHERE!'

Another person said: 'I’ve listened to this every time I see it and I agree I’d love to hear this on the radio,' and someone else wrote: 'Wow! What a voice and power coming out of his heart ❤️ incredible.'

One of Kandi's fans was really moved and said that 'I swear I cry every time I hear him sing this cause I feel every word,' while another follower posted: 'Yyyyyyyaaaaassss I felt the same way. The beat and the words hit harder to the soul.'

Someone else wrote: 'Such a powerful voice and a powerful song from a young man! But then again if anyone can change what we have become, it's the next generation!'

The case of George Floyd triggered a massive movement in the streets as you probably know by now.

Today, it's been revealed that during the protests, CNN reporter Omar Jimenez and his crew were arrested during a live shot from the scene in Minneapolis.

The Shade Room revealed that, 'According to @CNN, officers say the crew was asked to move to a different location and were put into handcuffs when they refused to do so. CNN has confirmed that Omar and the rest of the crew have since been released.'

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