Kandi Burruss Shares Pics From Her Family Fun Day, But Triggers A Massive Debate In The Comments

Kandi Burruss Shares Pics From Her Family Fun Day, But Triggers A Massive Debate In The Comments
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss had the best time with her family, and she wanted to keep her fans updated, so she shared a few pics on her social media account from the outing. Check out some pics below and see how gorgeous Riley Burruss is:

Someone asked: 'Kandi is that Riley standing on your right side with the long hair because when did she get that tall lol Beautiful Family Picture ❤️Ya'll Have a Blessed Day,' and another follower said that Riley is so tall and she should try modeling.

A lot of people in the comments freaked out when they didn't see Todd Tucker's daughter, Kaela, in the pics.

Someone said: 'Todd’s daughter is always left out,🥺' and another follower said: 'Todd needs to spend time with his daughter!!! No wonder she left!!!'

One follower said: 'that’s not why she moved to NYC. But she and her dad are working in their relationship. @todd167 said it his self. @kandi has always wanted to do for his daughter just as she does for her kids. Todd just wants her to be a responsible adult. She works in productions. She has a lot going on for her self. I don’t think that Todd would just leave his daughter out like that and do just for others. You have to look at it. She was his first child.'

A fan doesn't have the same opinion and said: 'Y'all need to find something to do. Todd daughter is grown, and she has a mother that she needs to spend time with also.'

Someone else posted: 'Beautiful Beautiful family......May God continue to best you all abundantly.'

A follower said: 'Damn anytime @kandi posts a family picture the “where is Kayla” comments are everywhere sh*ts getting old. If you all kept up, you’d know she’s doing her own thing. You’re all so worried about her; meanwhile, none of you are on her radar. 😂'

Recently Kandi was invited to an important event, and she shared the gorgeous look she flaunted there.


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