Kandi Burruss Shares Cute Video With Todd Tucker 'Clowning' Their Son Ace Well Tucker About His Light Shoes

Kandi Burruss Shares Cute Video With Todd Tucker 'Clowning' Their Son Ace Well Tucker About His Light Shoes
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

After an amazing Mother's Day, Kandi Burruss is still having a great time with her family. She just shared a cute video featuring her husband, Todd Tucker and their son, Ace Wells Tucker in which Todd is clowning the kid for wearing light up shoes. Check it out below because it's really funny.

'Why is #MrDaddyDaycare aka @todd167 clowning my baby @acewellstucker about his light up shoes? Ace picked those out himself. Leave him alone... All kids like the shoes with the lights. ???' Kandi captioned her cute video.

'Just cuz they not name brand dont mean the kids dint like them, let kids b kids, if he wants light up shoes...good less money n he satisfied...he will have his whole life to be an adult n buy all those other shoes but NOW he's a kid who wanna be like other kids...jump kick n step on in yo light up shoes?go ace go?!!!??' one follower posted.

'@kandi my son like them too and I refuse to buy them. His grandmother buys them, and I only allow him to wear them with her ??????! I’m with @todd167 I can’t stand them, they throw off everything ????' another one of Kandi's fans said.

'What’s wrong with his shoes?? Kids love light up shoes. Let him be independent, daddy and wear whatever makes him happy it’s only school, not the Met Gala lol' a commenter joked in the comments section.

'I hate those too, but my daughter wanted like three pairs so I got them for her. It’s about letting them be kids and having their own style. We don’t have to wear them, but it’s painful to buy them when I despise those damn things!!' a commenter posted.

'Kids want to be kids. It’s us the parents who want them to grow up fast. He swagged out for his age if he even knows what Swag is. Light up shoes are what’s appealing to him right now. No harm in that,' another person defended the light shoes.

We have to admit that we have also been in love with this kind of shoes when we were kids, it's pretty funny to see that children still adore them.


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