Kandi Burruss Shares A Photo In Which She Flaunts The Same Hairdo As A Black Barbie

Kandi Burruss Shares A Photo In Which She Flaunts The Same Hairdo As A Black Barbie
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Kandi Burruss looks just like Barbie in the photo that she posted just recently on her social media account. Check out her post below and the reasons for which it sparked controversy among Kandi's fans.

'I wasn’t gonna post this pic but since I have a sense of humor I decided to give y’all a good laugh! I saw people roasting the hair on the Barbie pic today & I laughed so hard because I had this same hairstyle before. This was my real hair, no weave,' Kandi began the caption of her photo.

'It used to be blonde but my roots were black so when @paulabrittstyles braided the side it had a similar look to the Black Barbie in the pic Y'all were talking about. ???. Swipe left to see the original pic with @mamajjoyce, @rileyburruss & I. Riley was only about 1 in this pic so this was maybe 14yrs ago. ???' Kandi wrote on her post which shows the striking resemblance between her hairdo and the one that the Barbie doll has.


'That's y I luv u bih cause ur sense of humor porsha my bih too she just have to beable to peep people a mile away cause she should've smelled Ms. Phaedra coming from previous episodes and how she spoke about her being dense should've known she was just trying to bring a wedge in between y'all but porsha let all that go over her head so I'm with ur mom she meant no harm forgive her forreal Kandi phadrea definitely picked her brain but love u to pieces keep shining u and ur beautiful family luv y'all realness fuck the hate but u already know that????' one of Kandi's followers commented on the photo.

'Nothing to laugh about. You look absolutely Beautiful then as you STILL do today! At least you had healthy hair to braid on the side. ??? @kandi @mamajjoyce @rileyburruss' another one of her fans wrote.

'If I were you I would hit up Barbie and tell them I need my cut for the inspiration or I’m pulling a Monique on that ass' someone else joked.

'I think the reason everybody upset because they could’ve made the Barbie install look more presentable that hair looks cheap and her 27 piece isn’t even Shiny ... smh ?? the style fine honest tho it’s just older hair do. Kandi you look cuter than her ??' another commenter gushed over Kandi.

We have to admit that the resemblance of their hairdo is huge!

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