Kandi Burruss Shares A New Clip Of 'Speak On It' Following Last Night's RHOA Episode

Kandi Burruss Shares A New Clip Of 'Speak On It' Following Last Night's RHOA Episode
Credit: BET

Yesterday, a brand new episode of RHOA aired on BravoTV. Now, as you probably expected, Kandi Burruss hopped online to tell her fans that a brand new episode of her Speak On It series is posted on her YouTube channel. Check it out below.

'It’s that time! I just posted my new episode of Speak On It on my YouTube| KandiOnline! Go watch now! I already know you all have something to say' Kandi captioned her IG post.

A follower told Kandi, 'Girl you are so damn messy. You were at the spa like a church mouse but the moment you were with Kenya you were a faucet. And you mixed up Tanya words about ivf when you were doing your reporting.'

Someone said: 'Wow Kandi you did Tanya wrong... you betta than that sis... either say it all to everybody or say less to everybody.'

Here's Kandi's YouTube video:

One commenter posted this: 'Tanya is a breath of fresh air she doesn't have a mean bone in her body she was just playing around with the wig. Tanya is a real friend and these girls except Porsha are not her friends.'

A YouTube person said: 'But Kenya's life is a hot mess.....if Tanya knows how to put two words together she could annihilate kenya....Kenya can not come for anyone's man ever, not with the way her man is embarrassing her on tv.'

Another one of Kandi's subscribers posted this: 'I'’m so confused as to how Kenya got Tanya was throwing shade about IVF out of the conversation. I was so lost 🤦🏻‍♀️ all Tanya said was if she’s so comfortable talking to her about what she should do with her own egg, then why couldn’t she come to her and let her know about the cookie lady.'

The same person continued and said: 'Kenya is starting to get on my nerves twisting shit up to have a reason to be nasty to someone. The wig thing was a Kiki, and I didn’t take it that seriously we all know ppl with long hair can still wear weave and wigs. Tanya is silly so I don’t take it as her being malicious. Eva needs to remember her shade bc she’s looking like a liar.'

Did you see yesterday's RHOA episode?


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