Kandi Burruss Shares A Life Update On YouTube - Check Her Out Cooking With Riley Burruss And More

Kandi Burruss Shares A Life Update On YouTube - Check Her Out Cooking With Riley Burruss And More
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Kandi Burruss just shared a life update on her YouTube account. She also made sure to announce this on her IG account as well.

'I did a life update to tell you what I’ve been up to & posted it on my Youtube! Check it out now on my Youtube page KandiOnline,' Kandi captioned her post on IG.

A follower said: 'but the Brat was in the closet to herself because the world already knew. Lmao. But, Kandi is the truth though. This is why I’m a fan.'

Someone else posted this: 'Same!!! If Kandi said it happened...it happened. Then they roll the footage and it be exactly how she said it was.'

One commenter said: 'Right! One thing kandi don’t lie! She gonna tell it exactly how you said it!'

A follower posted this: 'But most people already knew she was lesbian. Sis just never came out and said it.. Hell, it's nobody's business to be honest.'

A commenter said: 'Dear Kandi... you're doing well just look at Ms. Riley she's becoming her own woman #Growth God bless Riley@College ♥️'

Someone else posted this in the comments section on YouTube: 'Y’all please be nice in the comments. Riley is 18, grown, and we don’t know why they made the decision to do what she did. Riley is still her child.'

A commenter said: 'Hey Kandi stay being the boss ish you are, and I definitely want to see that interview with you and Da Brat just the inserts in this video show yall have good chemistry and happy birthday Riley she looks beautiful 💙'

Another follower said: 'You are such an amazing mom you did/doing super with Riley, and my hat comes off for the awesome job you're doing with the younger ones. You are just dope period Kandi.'

In other news, Kandi Burruss  shared some photos on her social media account in which she’s together with all the ladies who helped her with her Kandi cares charity move. She is offering gratitude to everyone.

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