Kandi Burruss Recently Addressed Police Violence In A Convo With Brandon Anderson

Kandi Burruss Recently Addressed Police Violence In A Convo With Brandon Anderson
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Kandi Burruss addressed the important subject of police violence during a convo with Brandon Anderson. Kandi triggered a massive debate in the comments with this subject, as you can imagine due to the recent events.

'I’ll be going live with @brandon.andersn of @raheem_org about how we can seek justice and accountability for police violence,' she was announcing fans the other day.

Check out a video from this interesting convo that Kandi shared on her social media account.

'I had a great convo with @brandon.andersn about police [email protected] has a great organization called @raheem_org. * RAHEEM is an independent service for reporting police conduct in the United States,' Kand captioned the video.

A follower said: 'What about when a police officer is killed by a black person or a white person. These demonstrations don’t happen. We mourn, we cry and hurt.'

Another follower said: 'Been watching events unfold from the uk 🇬🇧 broke my heart it really did I felt so sad and upset when I saw the video I just couldn’t get my head around it iff I was there I would be out there in solidarity with you all justice for floyd and all others who have lost there lives to racist brutality like this and I understand 💯 the anger and frustration that must be felt by the black community as a mother of 2 sons I worry constantly about my boys I can’t even begging to imagine what it must be like for black Americans I’m so sorry for what has happened and I pray that you’re voices will finally be heard power to the people sending love and prayers from the uk 🇬🇧.'

A follower asked: 'So I have a question??? I’ll never give up on hoping and wishing that “a change is going to come.” However, what’s the real purpose of having body cams and unedited videos when what we see, is made to appear that our own eyes are lying!!!! We hear about riots and it has been uncovered about several police officers themselves being responsible. Yet, the media creates their own narrative and mainly shows the blacks looting vs. other races.'

An emotional follower said: 'I can’t stop crying ...in this moment I’m happy not to have a son in this moment in History God please protect our Black Men because they are Feared & Hated by the Police in this Country. But I do have a grandson...I’m calling on my Ancestors to rise from their slumber and protect him for the rest of his life ...because I will actually die trying.'

Kandi shared a video on her social media account that managed to move her lately – as you might expect, it has to do with the tragic story of George Floyd.

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