Kandi Burruss Recalls How Thin She Was, But Fans Prefer Her Current Looks - See The Throwback Photo

Kandi Burruss Recalls How Thin She Was, But Fans Prefer Her Current Looks - See The Throwback Photo
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss shared a photo featuring herself back in the day. She's telling fans that she used to be really thin back then. Check out her photo below.

'TBT: Another one...Talk about being thin, I was so thin back then! 🤦🏾‍♂️ (people loved my short cut)' Kandi posted.

Somoene said: 'Still love the short cut😍🔥🙌🏾' and another follower posted: 'You have that grown woman weight now! Ya still look Good!! ❤️❤️'

Another follower said: 'Yessssss your short cut was everything! You still look great short or long.'

A commenter wrote: 'My daughter was so thin too. I use to talk to her about not getting big like me that I drove her to an eating disorder. She would binge and then vomit food. When she was younger I would never let her eat cake, cookies, and candy because I wanted her to be so small and not be ridiculed like I was when I was younger. I mean i still keep my other kids from eating candy and I don’t let them eat sweets but once a week. We exercise, I have them eating everything, but meat, bread, and pasta. My son sticks to it, but my 11 year old has to eat a mayo sandwich. The things we do to keep our children from being hurt sometimes end up hurting them in the long run.'

Someone gushed over Kandi and said: '😍😍😍👍.. yes Kandi you rock those short cuts.. every week I was so excited to see what do you were going to rock that Sunday!'

One other follower posted: 'When I saw this I thought about that Sole song with you and JT Money. I love that song.'

A person believes that Kandi is even more beautiful now: 'You're even more stunning now with those curves.! @kandi.'

She also shared another photo since she was younger and fans were in love with this one as well.

Kandi has been living her best life these days.

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  • Germaine Rivers
    Germaine Rivers Aug 4, 2019 1:29 AM PDT

    Kandi is a #BOSS!... Always on point, constantly gathering bags on her journey #BUSINESSBOSS

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