Kandi Burruss Praises The Woman Who Throws The Best Kid Parties

Kandi Burruss Praises The Woman Who Throws The Best Kid Parties
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss is also celebrating the birthday of her BFF, Monica Brown. Along with more celebrities, she shared pics and a message for the woman's anniversary on her social media account in order to mark this event. See her post below.

'Happy Birthday to the woman who throws the best kid parties! I decided to post this #TBT from one of the parties she threw with a full zoo at her house! @monicadenise I hope you are having an awesome birthday! 🎉🎁🎂' Kandi captioned her post.

Fans quickly jumped in the comments to send their best wishes to Monica as well.

Someone wrote: 'The way u holding that snake ... I bet after this pic u was like “ok now somebody get it” .. lol .. Monica ain’t nowhere near the head .. she gon haul ass on u lol.'

Another follower said: 'My girl watch y’all so much that it’s like I can hear you saying this out loud.'

A lot of people shared their best wishes for Monica who just eliminated the name Brown from her social media account after her divorce was finally officially over .

You may recall that Monica filed for divorce back in March, and this came after almost ten years of marriage.

It’s not known so far whether there is an agreement for child support or spousal support.

As for Kandi, she's been living her best life, and she just has a couple of new shows from the Dungeon tour.

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