Kandi Burruss Posts Super Impressive Clip Of Her Son, 3, Speaking Mandarin!

Kandi Burruss Posts Super Impressive Clip Of Her Son, 3, Speaking Mandarin!
Credit: Source: essence.com

It sounds like Kandi Burruss has a little genius on her hands! The singer’s 3-year-old son is bilingual already despite barely exiting the toddler phase!

The proud mother took to social media to post a two minutes long video that featured little Ace speaking Mandarin for its entirety!

It is safe to say that the boy has a real talent when it comes to learning foreign languages as proven by the clip that shows him speaking absolutely no English for two minutes!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star posted the video on her page earlier today and pretty much everyone that stumbled upon it online was shook!

Ace answers each of his teacher’s questions in Mandarin and manages to be adorable while at it.

It seems pretty easy for him to form the sentences and the boy also counts some Easter eggs in the foreign language.

And it has to be mentioned that the teacher didn’t even adapt her speech patterns to be slower and more simplistic because of his age.

The questions came at a normal speed and in a day to day conversational style.

But it makes sense that he is doing so well since the child studies Mandarin a large portion of his daily school time.

In the caption, Kandi wrote: ‘My Ace is acing his mandarin school work. @acewellstucker has been going to international school for one year and he’s doing great! He’s 3yrs old and Im so proud of him! He goes to an international school and they start teaching the children at age 2.’

Last summer, Kandi posted another vid in which she explained that ‘Half the school day is with his teacher that speaks to him in mandarin and the other half of the day is in English. He loves the school.’


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