Kandi Burruss Posts A New 'Speak On It' Episode - Watch It Here

Kandi Burruss Posts A New 'Speak On It' Episode - Watch It Here
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss makes fans happy by posting the latest Speak on It episode on her YouTube channel. Check it out below, and you'd better watch it from the comfort of your home these days!

'Go to my Youtube & checkout my #SpeakOnIt about tonight’s episode! What did you think about tonight’s episode? #RHOA,' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone said: 'At least Porsha held Nene all the way accountable, and nene actually apologized. That’s what matters!'

A follower wrote: 'Am I the only one that heard "It was really hard without you?" Speak On It's used to be Kandi speaking facts. Now it's her saying "Kenya didn't mean it that way" and shading everyone else. Sigh....'

One other follower posted this: 'She said, “it was really hard without you”....probably meaning that when she was going through hard times, she didn’t have that one person in her corner that she was close to. Whenever you’re beefing with someone, you always throw shade. Everyone does it. 🤷🏾‍♀️'

Someone else wrote: 'So I don’t like how Kenya bought the cookie lady, and no one looked offended that this woman is talking about her husband but when nene say something about Kenya husband leaving her ppl looked crazy come on smh fake.'

A follower also shared their opinion and said: 'I do believe Porsha found it hard without Nene especially when she was doing through it with Denise, she clearly didn't speak to you ladies about her issues with Denise but I feel she would have confided in Nene seeing as Nene has been married for the longest time and she may have asked for some advise and I believe that is what she meant. I mean it is common sense, it is normal to say you are doing fine without someone when and that you are happy you don't have them in your life anyway, when you are mad at them, most of us do that so that we don't look like we miss them, but it was clear Porsha missed her and was mad at how Nene was acting. I mean, you were there at the last reunion. Kandi, you are prejudiced and biased when it comes to Porsha.'

Other than this, Kandi is also staying at home with her family these days.


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