Kandi Burruss Posts A Juicy Clip To Honor Cynthia Bailey For Her Anniversary

Kandi Burruss Posts A Juicy Clip To Honor Cynthia Bailey For Her Anniversary
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Kandi Burruss posted a really juicy clip on her social media account for Cynthia Baily's birthday. Check out the post that she shared on her social media account in order to mark this important event.

'In honour of @cynthiabailey’s bday I’m posting this clip from this Sunday’s episode! 🤣🤣🤣 When I tell you it’s sooooo good! You betta set your DVR. & go to BedroomKandi.com & get yourself a swing while you still can! 😜' Kandi captioned her post.

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Someone said: 'Mr Hill better get his wife..Kandi gone make her jump ova tha 🌈.... a thats on Mary had a Lil Lamb', and another followewr posted this message: 'Wish I had a friend like you!!! Never been to a strip club or anything of the short 😩☹️'

Someone else said: 'Swing seems excessive when you can get on the counter but that's just me. Lol.'

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A follower posted this message: 'Not for nothing but you all gained sooo much during the pandemic... Jesuss,' and another followewr posted this: 'I've never understood why folks feel the need to point stuff out that the person themselves is already aware of. Hell, it's their bodies.'

Someone else posted this: ' some of y'all took that as body shaming... my kinky ass took it as booty worship🖤😜🖤'

One other folloer said: 'It would be dope if the reunion was Dungeon themed!' and a commenter posted this message: 'So sexy 😍 kandi knows how to handle it all and I love it 😜'

In other news, Kandi Burruss  explained to her fans the reason for which she skipped the new episode of Speak on It. Check out her message below.


‘Somebody asked why I didn’t do last week’s #SpeakOnIt. Well, last week was busy because of Vday weekend & plus, I’m in Chicago working on #TheChi! I’ll still do Speak On It in the future. In the meantime, make sure y’all are all caught up on #TheChi because Season 4 is gonna be 🔥.’ Kandi captioned her post.

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  • Jillinplummer
    Jillinplummer Feb 22, 2021 12:33 AM PST

    The Women engaging in sexual acts with one another on RHOA was all orchestrated by Khandi because that’s the stuff SHE, TINY, & TI have been into for years & they know Porsha Williams who turned into a HO after her divorce would be game!!! But what Khandi is REALLY good at is playing the innocent mouse as soon as daylight appears!!!

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