Kandi Burruss Makes Surprising Comment About Phaedra Parks After Reconciling With Porsha Williams

Kandi Burruss Makes Surprising Comment About Phaedra Parks After Reconciling With Porsha Williams
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Do not ask Kandi Burruss about Phaedra Parks because you will get more than you bargained for.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has been making the rounds to promote her new sexy talk show, Kandi Koated Nights .

Riley and Ace's mom recently sat down for an interview where she was asked about the fact that she recently reconciled with Porsha Williams.

Kandi happily responded but when she was asked about making peace with Phaedra, she had an epic reaction that confirmed that it is not happening anytime soon.

Kandi recently revealed that she was cool with Porsha in a post that read: "Here are some throwback clips of a few @kandikoatednights episodes that we did when our show was still online with @amberrose @tamiroman & @porsha4real (I guess it’s ok for me to post you since we’re cool again after this weekend...?)."

She later appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and explained: “It was a long journey, and I didn’t think we were going to come back. You know what? It’s so weird because last year, I wasn’t trying to have drama with her. It was like everybody else kept bringing things up which continued the tension between she and I. For me, I didn’t want it to just be about us anymore. I’m sick of the drama or whatever is wrong with the group to be because of she and I. Like, have your issues with her. Don’t make it because of me.”

One fan told Kandi: "@kandi you should have Phaedra Parks on the show and have a one on 1 to mend this #unpopularopinion. Hope the lord works on Phaedra. Kandi can forgive her, but she doesn't have to be friends with her on a TV show. Wow this what real women do settle their differences and more on while you two gorgeous women move up in your careers LOVE ❤️ YOU 2."

Another commenter stated: "Happy that you finally forgave @Porsha4real, I felt she was genuinely sorry and def played by @phaedraparks! I would even go out on a shaky limb and say you both probably feel so much better?! FORGIVENESS IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL.#LOVE N PEACE, #BLACK GIRL MAGIC."

This third person wrote: "I've been patiently waiting for this to happen, one because I love and respect your hustle @kandi ... and two because it used to piss me off when it was a bad reception lol.... anyway super excited for you guys...Phaedra made the show with her shade and tea. Bring her back!!!!"

What are your thoughts on Kandi's reaction?

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