Kandi Burruss Makes Fans Smile With These New Photos Of Her Son, Ace Wells Tucker

Kandi Burruss Makes Fans Smile With These New Photos Of Her Son, Ace Wells Tucker
Credit: Bravo TV

Kandi Burruss shared some new pics featuring Ace Wells Tucker that made her fans smile. They especially love his long and thick hair. Check out the pics below.

Someone said: 'He's going to give that Kenya a run for her money with all that hair. Just gorgeous.'

A follower told Kandi, 'I just started following you. Got hooked on RHOA during quarantine and I'm only on season 7! But I had to stop and google if u and todd have kids so I'm excited to be seeing your pics!! He's a little doll❤'

One commenter wrote: 'Wt hell! He looks totally different. How cute! He’s growing so fast,' and a follower said: 'He looks like such a wonderful spirited boy. Love the way he’s morphing into his body and skin looks a lot like Kaepernick.'

Someone else wrote: 'Looks fun! Where did you all go strawberry picking? How was it with all the social distancing? Could your soon really run around and enjoy himself?'

A fan posted this: 'Hey his nickname should be Ace Boogie cause he got moves,' and another excited follower said: 'Wow! He is so big now!!🥰 Beautiful family Kandi!! @kandi.'

One fan exclaimed, 'Kandi OMG he is getting soooooo big... Time is really flying,' and someone else posted: 'Omgish he's getting tall..soon going to tall for you to pick up.'

A fan brought up the show called the Masked Singer and said: '@kandi masked singer, I was like I swear that Kandi I know that voice I think she amazing or that’s her twin before I knew the UK was airing mask singer and I see post on here and I was like no way I said that and wax you I told my mum she said what one and I have ruined it for her now she says as you not been on yet lol amazing performance I was in tears that song means alit to me and we need that vibes today as we stand together as one ☝🏽 sending love and prayers to all and ya family.'

Other than this, Kandi announced her fans that Todd Tucker started a voting initiative together with some of his friends.


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