Kandi Burruss Looks Gorgeous In A Burgundy Velvet Dress - Her Pal, Lolo Jones Agrees!

Kandi Burruss Looks Gorgeous In A Burgundy Velvet Dress - Her Pal, Lolo Jones Agrees!
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss shared a new photo on her social media account in which she's together with her friends/glam squad. Lolo Jones is right here for the dress that Kandi's wearing, and she made sure to praise the look in the comments, as you will see below.

'Squad! @whippedbykiara @sewjodie @imnails & @hauseofglam,' Kandi captioned the photo that she shared on her IG account.

Lolo Jones quickly hopped in the comments and said: 'Ur dress is a beautiful color! You should let me have it now that you already posted it on the gram 😂 😉 😏' and Kandi responded: '@lolojones 😂 you can’t fit my clothes. I’m double your dress size I’m sure!'

Someone else said: 'Kandi can your glam squad make me up. You look absolutely gorgeous,' and another follower posted this: '@kandi you’re so cool and classy. I love your spirit chick. Congrats on the new bundle of joy #blaze.'

A follower asked: 'what’s next for the confessional look? Votes on your story again, perhaps🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Btw you seem to always respond to me on here and gave me my own voice message when I signed up for text updates because I was one of the first few people, so I hope you know you’re my BFF in my head now.'

A commenter posted this: 'I need a whole glam squad too! You employ so many, Kandi. The sh*t is downright inspirational! I want to be @kandi when I grow up!! 🤣🤣🤣 ❤️ This!!! #Teamworks = #Dreamworks.'

Someone else exclaimed: 'Dream team!! ♥️♥️ Kandi, they must love you bc your looks always are a hit!'

Just the other day, Kandi made fans happy when she addressed a pretty important subject.

She decided that it’s time to open up about the whole surrogacy issue .

She and her hubby, Todd Tucker, just welcomed their baby girl Blaze Tucker into the family, and a surrogate carried their daughter.


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