Kandi Burruss Is Sad She's Missing Her Son, Ace Wells Tucker's Chinese New Year Performance - Haters Shade Her Again For Not Spending Time With Her Family

Kandi Burruss Is Sad She's Missing Her Son, Ace Wells Tucker's Chinese New Year Performance - Haters Shade Her Again For Not Spending Time With Her Family
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Kandi Burruss is missing her family these days. As you all know, she's on Celebrity Big Brother, and she misses all kinds of important events going on home.

Someone else is managing her social media account these days and fans want that specific person to promote CBB more.

A recent post on Kandi's social media account says that she’s proud that she was able to be a part of Ariana Grande’s new single . There’s also a video attached, and fans could not be prouder of Kandi.

They made sure to show her this in the comments section with kind words.

Another recent post tells everyone that Kandi is missing her son, Ace Wells Tucker, Chinese New Year's performance.

Someone tells Kandi to 'Frame this picture 😍; it's everything you missed. Look at that face priceless.❤️'

Another follower slams Kandi for not spending enough time with her family and this is not the first time it happens: 'if it ain't this show its gonna be something else. Kandi likes to chase after money and business opportunities. 🤷🏾‍♀️ That's great ambition, but her kids suffer without their mother/father cuz Todd work too. Military and entertainment two different things. All I know is, it couldn't be me.'

A follower defended Kandi and said 'what parent don’t miss something in their child life military people miss something all day every day for a long damn time! A month is a piece of cake, and with whatever money she makes from this it’s for charity isn’t that something that puts a smile on your face and makes your heart feel real good knowing she sacrifice her family to help others and yes we know she has the money and she could have just written a check right but reality is you can write the check, but the well will run dry if nothing is coming in so one has to work until they can no longer work.'

The same fan continued and said 'Kandi already feels bad missing out on this day by herself why not try and uplift her spirits. You may not need her help but I bet the families she does help are happy for her help God gonna bless miss Kandi again this woman has a big heart, and another thing from what I have seen on the show win or loose Kandi and Tamar are the winners cause they are gonna have a friendship in each other and that alone was worth being away.'

Someone else also made sure to praised Kandi and said 'Kandi you are a Great mom and you know this it’s hard being a working mom and us moms that work all know this and we support you and love you a good job.'

Kandi has tons of fans who are supporting her these days.


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  • S.S
    S.S Feb 10, 2019 11:20 PM PST

    Ne-Ne, I feel you, but there is no real reason why you are treating that girl that way, I just believe you just dislike her, your frustrated with your husband I know some of that feeling cause i'm dealing with mine with health issues too, but you don't have to do her that way, it's just wrong & you sounding a little selfish, you maybe going through but your husband Greg & he is bearing a pain hopefully you would not live in your body, it's a big difference, at this time you should lean more toward Jesus, He will see you through He really works, try Him. Eva you got shade bones & in your belly oh it comes out, so except it, you can do it, but you did walk all over Marlo, you all are nice nasty. The next phase Teresa G. how you keep on pretending & defending that Danielle is a not a horrible person the way she been speaking to Margaret, you got it twisted all the way up, why was it ok for them to come at Margaret talked about her family, & she said her peace & apologised for it & you say they can't put that in the atmosphere, talkin children should get you out of the group open your eyes, you also said if she does that to you, your out of there, so you for self nobody else so sad, wake up T.G. ok

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