Kandi Burruss Is Now Focusing On Todd Tucker And Father's Day After Sharing Family Vacation Picture Wearing A Pink Bathing Suit

Kandi Burruss Is Now Focusing On Todd Tucker And Father's Day After Sharing Family Vacation Picture Wearing A Pink Bathing Suit
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It looks like Kandi Burruss has taken the opportunity to get a new haircut during her vacation, as she posted a new photo with her family in Cabo San Lucas.

Many fans commented on her style, claiming that she looked great even off-stage, and was stunning alongside her family members.

Burruss has been trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of her regular job for some time as she is treating her family to a nice vacation.

The whole bunch have been roaming around and posting various stories on Instagram that have detailed their adventure at its different stages.

Everyone looks quite happy so far, and it seems like this is indeed something that the family had been in need of for some time.


Also, while Burruss was not very active on social media at the start of the trip, this did not go unnoticed by her family, some of whom asked her why she was not sharing anything from their vacation.

She exclaimed that she was on holiday, and that was the main reason, and added: "My girl @carmoncambrice called & asked why haven’t any of us posted from our vacay. Because we’re on vacay… 🤷🏾‍♀️. But ok, this one is for you friend. We’re alive & well & having fun! 😁 #BurrussTuckerVacation #kanditrip."

Her BFF, Carmon Cambrice, replied: "@Kandi Thanks! 😂 Glad to see you’re having fun. Miss y’all especially my buddy man Ace ❤️."

However, in the end, she seems to have relaxed a bit and still opened up about the vacation online.

Hopefully, fans are going to see even more photos of their fantastic trip soon, as it looks like many of their supporters would be happy to follow their adventure from closer up.

Moreover, considering that Burruss is not exactly shy about being on social media on a regular basis, she does not have anything to lose by opening up a bit more about the current situation.

Most people were happy to see the family except a few critics. One of them stated: "No disrespect Todd you look like a grandfather on vacation with all your kids Kandi look just like one of the kids sitting back there."


A super fan countered: "Thank you, Carmon! We wanted to see this too. Most beautiful family picture award goes TOOOOOO. All y’all. Lol."

Kandi always has things running smoothly and she has already started celebrating Father's Day.

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    sandy Jun 16, 2019 8:50 AM PDT

    Beautiful Family.

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