Kandi Burruss Is Not Here For Nene Leakes Saying She's Started Therapy After RHOA Reunion

Kandi Burruss Is Not Here For Nene Leakes Saying She's Started Therapy After RHOA Reunion
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion has not even aired yet but the ladies are already chatting about what happened during filming. After Nene Leakes revealed that she has decided to get therapy due to the trauma of being ganged up on by the women -- Kandi Burruss wants fans to remember what her co-star said.

The RHOA reunion was held online but no doubt had as much drama and shocking moments as any other sit down if you ask Andy Cohen who called the show's reunion the Bravo Super Bowl.

It was revealed that Nene left multiple times during filming and eventually -- she didn't return.

The Glee alum recently revealed that she is seeking therapy.

She explained to Jennifer Williams on an Instagram Live session: 'I’ve had a phone call with the therapist. We haven’t seen each other in person because we can’t, because of quarantine. But, I felt very traumatized. I think, a lot of times, people see the tough exterior and they don’t really know that you hurt inside sometimes like everybody else. The trauma that I experienced in the last few days, I felt, like, it was really time for me to see somebody.'

Kandi took to her Youtube series Speak On It to share her thoughts about Nene's claims.

Burruss explained that Nene was going head to head with the ladies. She believes that her co-star is on a damage control tour.

She wants viewers to remember that Nene said that when it came to the reunion -- she was ready to read all of them.

'When you listen to that BS, I want you to remember how she told the world she was gonna read us, she was gonna drag these b*****, she was gonna let these b***** have it, oh she’s the queen… She called us all kind of b*tches before the show… But then afterward, ‘oh they picked on me, oh I had to stop because they picked on me. They were ganging up on me. Oh I need counseling before they were ganging up on me.’ Child, please! I feel like we got blamed for her leaving, and I don’t think it was us. I’m just gonna say that.'

Do you think that Nene is being genuine?

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