Kandi Burruss Is Having The Time Of Her Life Riding Elephants And Taking Pics With A Tiger In Thailand

Kandi Burruss Is Having The Time Of Her Life Riding Elephants And Taking Pics With A Tiger In Thailand
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Kandi Burruss is definitely living her best life these days. She and her beloved hubby Todd Tucker are in Thailand - the place he decided to take her for their fifth anniversary.

Kandi has been celebrating her and Todd's anniversary , and Kandi made sure to keep her fans updated. She documented the trip on her social media account.

First of all, she posted pics and videos from their room and then she also shared another round of new photos showing off her beach body .

Now, Kandi shared something even more exciting. Check out her most recent post below.

'I have been one with nature out here in #Thailand. In #Phuket I road & fed elephants & I was brave enough to take a pic with a tiger. I’m loving it out here! If you need someone to help set up your trip hit up @notjustagetaway. She did a great job helping @todd167 put together our Anniversary trip,' Kandi posted.

With her pics, she managed to trigger a debate in the comments section with some people being against animals in cages.

Someone said 'I think the animals would love to be one with nature too. Not in a cage around people taking pictures. It’s not natural for them at all. There is probably no bad intent, but I do feel like people need to educate themselves a little better on this topic.'

Another follower posted 'You moved that hand quick all still while looking cute.😍❤️😂'

Someone else made an observation and said 'Girl just say no to those tigers. Most people don't know if, but they beat and drug them. That's why you're able to pet them; it's because they are drugged.'

One of her supporters told Kandi that they are 'So conflicted by loving how cool you look but also being concerned for captive animals! Hope these were legit places but knowing you, Kandi, I’m sure you are doing it the right way! Have fun!'

Other than this, Kandi is preparing to take her racy show on tour, and she also revealed two new guests stars: Tamar Braxton and Trina Rock Starr.

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