Kandi Burruss Is Celebrating Two Of Her BFFs - See The Photos She Shared

Kandi Burruss Is Celebrating Two Of Her BFFs - See The Photos She Shared
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Kandi Burruss is celebrating two of her BFFs for their birthdays. Check out the messages that she posted, along with the photos she shared in order to mark these important anniversaries.

Here's what she wrote for Shekinah Anderson's birthday:

'Happy Birthday @thatshekinah!!!!!! If you know Shekinah then you know she’ll pray for you one minute & then cuss you out the next. That’s why I chose these pics! 😂 I hope you have a great bday & an amazing year friend. Everybody give @thatshekinah some bday love! 🎂🎉🎁' Kandi captioned her post.

This triggered some hate reactions due to the fact that Shekinah was feeling sorry for a destroyed Gucci store and you may recall the massive scandal that Gucci was involved in back in 2019.

A commenter said: 'After she did all that damn crying over a Gucci store? Y’all are so materialistic in ATL. All you celebrities crying over stuff being destroyed but have yet to speak out. What side are you really on? Everyone is looking real SUS even the mayor with her middle of the fence statement.'

Someone else posted this: 'She was crying about the Gucci 😓😑store but hey happy birthday.'

Kandi also posted a message for Monyetta Shaw:

'Happy Birthday @monyettashaw!!!!!! Welcome to the 40 club. This is a crazy time but at least you’ll always remember your 40th... I pray that today, this year, this decade is full of happiness for you! 😘 Everybody give @monyettashaw some bday love!'

Monyetta wrote: 'I will definitely always remember this one!! Thank you boo! 😘💜'

Other than this, Kandi recently addressed the important subject of police violence during a convo with Brandon Anderson.

Kandi triggered a massive debate in the comments with this subject, as you can imagine due to the recent events.

Also, Kandi  shared a video on her social media account that managed to move her lately.

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