Kandi Burruss Is Bashed For Scandalous Dance With Todd Tucker Surrounded By Other Women In Viral Video: 'Jesus Does Not Like This'

Kandi Burruss Is Bashed For Scandalous Dance With Todd Tucker Surrounded By Other Women In Viral Video: 'Jesus Does Not Like This'
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It is a known fact that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, do everything together.

This week, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared a few videos where she is on stage with Todd, and some fans say she has gone too far and some things are inappropriate for a married couple.

During the steaming show, Kandi invites her man on stage, and she sits him on a throne like a king while she sings and dances in a provocative manner for him.

Kandi and her spouse are also joined by several female dancers who leave little to the imagination. One critic said Kandi, who prays before each event, should not be acting unchristian on stage.

The Christian woman said: "Jesus doesn’t like this Kandi, and I’m not judging, and please understand where I am coming from. People calm to being a Christian but does the devil deeds this kind of behavior is not cool I guess that’s why in the time that Christ comes to judge running up to Him and He says to get away from Me I never knew you. Again...this just looks disgusting...so unchristian like...I bet they thank the Lord or pray before giving such show...but go ahead .. Y'all keep being hypocrites...Please promote healthy things satisfying to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.🕊😇🙏🏽"

This person said Kandi and Todd know what they are doing and should be left alone.

The comment explained: "@kandi, you are a smart business person. Your professionalism is off the chain. But the smartest moves I've seen you making is the tool in keeping your husband actively involved in the family business. That'll keep his mind from straying Enjoyed being front and center singing along. You look good Candi!"

This supportive note read: "Kandi whatever you do you do it well and for your husband to be right by your side is a blessing. You guys make the team worth a million dollars. Todd, you have a beautiful woman and family. Bless you, guys."

This fourth positive follower stated: "Hello Kandi, I love you and your whole family. And you are a smart women business wise. But if you're not careful, this is the beginning of the in, for you and Todd. As a man, he should have rejected and/or pass it up. Putting ur man in a risky situation is not safe anymore....there’s no loyalty anymore....keep ur happiness caged away from preyed eyes 😊Praying for you and yours."

Kandi is a free spirit.

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