Kandi Burruss' Husband Todd Tucker Will Film A Movie This Spring

Kandi Burruss' Husband Todd Tucker Will Film A Movie This Spring
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Kandi Burruss is one busy woman and as you know by now, she;s getting ready to be a part of Celebrity Big Brother. She recently explained that the reason for which she decided to become a part of the show involve her daughter, Riley Burruss.

Todd Tucker, on the other hand, is also a busy man and Kandi let her fans and followers know that he is working on a movie.

In the video that she shared on her Instagram account, Todd says that he's probably being filming for the movie this spring.

'@todd167 is working on a movie and getting information for the script, and this conversation has some varying opinions 😳😳😳! He and @donjuannc don’t view it the same go to YouTube: Kandionline to see the full video!' Kandi captioned her video.

Someone commented 'I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU, and I will keep you in my prayers you and your beautiful wife Kandi, and I hope you can make a lot of more movies, and I hope you can go back making place God will help you Jesus Christ will help you and you will have a good movie God bless everybody that you pick to be in your movies and I hope and pray one day we get to meet because I write movies to Good Luck God bless everybody have a happy happy happy happy blessed New Year's and I love everybody.'

One supporter had something to tell Kandi about her hubby: 'Kandi, I love how Todd, has proved his self in Y'all relationship he is a true go-getter and an awesome man.👍'

Someone addressed the issue of 'exploring' while you're married: 'The answer is no explorations is not an option in marriage so experience your marriage vows of commitment period. 😤'

Another fan seemed on the same page with the previous follower and said 'No, I’m not built like that. If we’re in a relationship, definitely my marriage, no one else is invited in. End of story. What happens when one of y’all over it, but the other one isn’t?'

We still have a bit to wait until the shooting for the movie begins. We'll keep you posted.

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