Kandi Burruss Has Some Movie Suggestions For Her Fans As She Updates Them On Her Life - Check Out The Video

Kandi Burruss Has Some Movie Suggestions For Her Fans As She Updates Them On Her Life - Check Out The Video
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Kandi Burruss recently shared some movie suggestions with her fans, and she also asked for new ones as well. She shared a life update for her followers, and you can check it out in the video below.

'I had a moment to check out some #Netflix movies this weekend. I always like to share good ones when I find them. #WhenTheySeeUs #ThePerfection & #Tau were all great! This was my second time watching #WhenTheySeeUs. This movie touches my heart.... chime in below in the comments & tell me what did you think of it. Also, give me some good suggestions on other movies,' Kandi captioned her movie-related post.

Someone commented: 'When they see us was a great movie very touching too but you have got to see Oprah’s one where she interviews all of the cast and the exonerated 5. I shed tears! It was heartbreaking to see them talk about the events that transpired and to see Antron break down made me cry. It took me back to the stories of the Bible like Jonah and the whale. We never know what this life is going to hand us but my God they went through some awful things. It’s a must-see as well! Grab your Kleenex.'

Kandi also updated fans on her life and in the video, you will see that she shared a surprise:

Somoene said, 'I definitely do not feel your ranting about your trip. Love it. And by the way as busy as you are. Great mom stepmom and wife. Love you Khadi it's nothing like smart kids and having multiple streams of in income.πŸ…πŸ…'

Another follower priased Kandi and said: 'You are a wonderful and caring Mom Kandi!! It's a tough job being everything for everyone. Have you thought of Kandi Koated Furniture? I love that pink chair!πŸ’•'

One other commenter posted: 'I was just about to post that u should work on a makeup line because your makeup is always on point. I had no idea you were already working on one! Congrats! Can't wait!'

A fan posted: 'I have seen your show when you came to DC I watch you and Riley trip in Japan I watched our trip with Kayla and I just love how the blended family works for you what works for you that's all that counts for you and your family keep up the good work and proud of you.'

Riley Burruss is in NYC for her internship these days and Kandi has been missing her like crazy.

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