Kandi Burruss Has A Q&A With Riley Burruss And Fans See A 'Kandi Burruss Show' Coming

Kandi Burruss Has A Q&A With Riley Burruss And Fans See A 'Kandi Burruss Show' Coming
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Kandi Burruss had a Q&A with her daughter Riley Burruss and shared a short video on her social media account. Fans appreciated it and tell Kandi that they can definitely see her having her own show.

She also has a YouTube channel on which she posts various videos and her fans have already started to tune in and see what's it all about. Anyway, here's Kandi's video with Riley.

'I announced the iPhone winner & did a Q&A with @RileyBurruss Check out my Q&A with my daughter @RileyBurruss! Watch the whole video to see which subscriber won the iPhone!' Kandi captioned her post on social media.

Someone told Kandi 'I can definitely see “The Kandi Burruss Show” coming soon. Love the weekly YouTube show too! 👏🏽❤️'

Another follower said 'Omg you guys are absolutely adorable. Welcome to YouTube I will be subscribing to your channel hun. 😘'

One other fan posted 'Kandi you have reared a beautiful young woman. Congrats! BTW It's kinda hard to tell you two apart. Riley is taller but you are looking more like sisters.'

Someone says that Riley is twining with her mom: 'Growing up looking just like her mother! Yalls beautiful love the positive attitudes!! Nothing but love!'

One fan calls Kandi an inspiration and said 'Kandi never let a dime passes by without snatching it.... you are an inspiration luv u guys.'

Just recently, Kandi is happy to announce her fans that Marlo Hampton accepted her humanitarian challenge and did something great for people.

Fans would love to see Kandi posting more of Kaela Tucker - Todd Tucker's daughter as well because they're all a family and some people believe that they should be more united.

Most likely, Kaela doesn't love the spotlight that much and that's why she's not that present on Kandi's IG as much as Riley.


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