Kandi Burruss Has A Life Update On Her YouTube Channel - Here's Her Video

Kandi Burruss Has A Life Update On Her YouTube Channel - Here's Her Video
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Kandi Burruss shared a new video on her YouTube channel in which she's detailing a new life update. She also posted the announcement on her social media account.

'It’s a new life update on my Youtube Page #KandiOnline! It’s funny what you open yourself up to when you give out your #.... This lady went off on me a couple of weeks ago. A mess! 🤣 Text me at +1 (404) 458-9464 if you haven’t already,' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone said: 'Nooooo Kandi don't respond or play into the negative energy. Don't respond just block them....reject the negative energy. Remember, there are a lot of emotional and mentally unhealthy people out there.'

A person commented: 'Yes!! You can curse them back out. We gave the same energy in 2020 that people are giving us!' and a commenter wrote this: 'I fell out laughing, not because I think the woman was right, because we know your kids are beautiful, but I wasn't ready for all that craziness.'

One of Kandi's fans said: 'Some people have such negative energy and they want to spread that with any and everyone. Don’t let it get to you. Keep being amazing.'

Another follower posted this: 'The original person phone might have been disconnected, and someone else might have gotten the phone number with their new service! Lol, that happened to me when I first got this number...ppl texting and calling, thinking I was the person who previously had my number! Well, that's my hope anyway!'

Someone else posted: 'This is why I love Kandi so much, she’s soooo humble despite all she has... 😘 Nene has a lot to learn from Kandi... seriously.'

A commenter wrote: 'Maybe it's a new person! That happened to me when I got my new number, and some woman texted me thinking I was her ex! Lmao.'

Recently, Kandi made her fans happy with a throwback photo since she was eight months pregnant with her daughter Riley Burruss.

The photo is from the ‘good old days’ in Atlanta, as Kandi called the period.

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