Kandi Burruss Had A Terrible Scare Regarding A Health Issue - See Her Video

Kandi Burruss Had A Terrible Scare Regarding A Health Issue - See Her Video
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Kandi Burruss had a scare recently regarding a health-related issue, and she made sure to explain to her fans what happened. She also offered her gratitude to everyone who supported her during this time.

'To whom it may [email protected] sent a DM to @carmoncambrice asking her to tell me to get checked out because she thought she saw a nodule on my neck,' Kandi began her post.

She continued and said: 'I actually have had other #RHOA viewers reach out to lots of my family & friends concerned about the same thing. I am fine everyone! I’ve had more than one doctor to check it, but Dr Keith Dockery my ENT doc is hear to explain what you’re seeing. Thank you to all the viewers who were cared about me enough to reach out. Love y’all! ❤️'

Someone commented: 'Beautiful... Fans genuinely reaching out to make sure you are ok. Now that's love.'

Another follower said: 'That’s good to know, but if something happens to you we’re all gonna sit around and whip his arse. Lol.'

One commenter posted this: 'I’m glad you got it checked out. I’ve known ppl to have a goiter, and others had to point it out. Sometimes ppl can see what you can’t see. Big ups to your fan that was overly concerned and it caused you to get check. Better safe than sorry. 👍🏾'

Someone else wrote: 'Lol by far the classiest way I’ve seen anyone “clear the air”' and another commenter said: 'I’ve seen it several times too when you are upset. I figured it was nothing but I’ve always noticed. Glad it’s nothing.'

A person posted this: 'Well it’s great that you have so many people who are genuinely concerned for your well being.'

One Instagrammer wrote 'Amen, I am glad you are ok thanks for having the Doctor explain it to us we are going to be calm down keep watching your Thanks for Sharing with all of us.'

It's great to know that Kandi is healthy and everything is fine.

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