Kandi Burruss Had A Night Out With Her 'Girl Bosses' To Watch 'The Kitchen Movie'

Kandi Burruss Had A Night Out With Her 'Girl Bosses' To Watch 'The Kitchen Movie'
Credit: BET

Kandi Burruss had a fun night out with her lady friends, whom she called girl bosses. She shared a few pics on her social media account in which you will be able to see Shamea Morton, Marlo Hampton, and more gorgeous ladies.

'I invited some #GirlBosses to watch #TheKitchenMovie with me. It was really good! Thanks for coming through @shameamorton @itstanyatime @marlohampton & @yovanna_love,' Kandi captioned one post.

She shared another post which she captioned with: 'All my girls came out to watch #thekitchenmovie with me! The movie was really good! @thekitchenmovie in theaters Aug 9th.'

One commenter said: 'I really kept lurking around because I wanted to speak but I was on the clock & didn’t wanna interrupt your conversation. I love you & it was an honor to just be in your presence. You are gorgeous & hopefully, our paths cross again!'

A follower had a really lengthy message for Kandi. They began: 'Though I love seeing @neneleakes with @marlohampton as friends for my own entertainment. I Am so happy @marlohampton & @kandi & @cynthiabailey10 are becoming friends. Marlo with what you been through you don't need someone bitter controlling and brainwasher Nene as a close friend.'

The same commenter believes that 'You need someone with good family background, less baggage and more positive to properly heal and show the better side of you. Nene comes across like a woman you have to watch what you say. How long are people from the past gonna keep her bitter? I like Nene cos she is funny and attention seeker on the show and she is loyal to her friends. I think your all loyal in your own way. She just chats things as she doesn't want to share friends. A true friend doesn't need to remind their friend what good friend they are, what they have done. She a grown woman using Marlo for beef, lol I couldn't back a girl who uses her kids to not back me. Marlo ain't got kids so you have to be careful those you defend make sure they have your back too.'

The follower also told Kandi, 'I don't know how she has Cynthia and you as a close friend. I will NEVER EVER hang around someone like this with my temper. And @kandi you and the smalls were wrong judging Marlo for her criminal past not wanting to be around her. We all have a past and secrets. If she is that nasty why did God give her a better life. Take time to get to know people Marlo has a heart she picks wrong people as friends. @thekenyamoore is another person I would never be friends with, too much baggage she let people change her and is very immature trouble maker uses people for revenge. These types, even if they change in the future it will never be the same so they know how it feels to be NASTY DEVILS.'

What do you think about all these statements about Kandi's friends?


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