Kandi Burruss Gives Daughter Riley Burruss A Reality Check In New Video, And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Kandi Burruss Gives Daughter Riley Burruss A Reality Check In New Video, And Her Reaction Is Priceless
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It appears that Christmas came early in the Burruss household, as Riley Burruss received an unexpected present in the form of a letter from New York University, telling her she had been accepted to the institution.

The proud mother of the student-to-be, Kandi Burruss, seems very thrilled for her daughter's success because she posted about what happened on her Instagram on December 16, saying how proud she was that Riley got into the university.

The reality TV star from The Real Housewives of Atlanta elaborated further on the subject via her YouTube channel, where she gave more details about what awaits Riley in her near future.

In her YouTube video, the 43-year-old Xscape singer appeared alongside her daughter, and the two of them discussed how they felt about Riley's big achievement.

According to Kandi, although her daughter lived in a luxurious apartment while she was an intern in New York during the summer, this time, it was more likely that she would be accommodated in a dormitory.

The reality TV star explained that Riley got the $5,500-a-month apartment as a living space during the course of her internship because back then, she had to set up her own housing.

In the video, Riley agreed with her mother and said she would not be in an expensive apartment, even though she would love to.

Kandi stated: "I know everybody was all tripping when you had your apartment in New York. When she was doing her internship... she had to set up her own housing, and that's how she ended up having an apartment. But this time, you're going actually to have to have a dorm."

Riley added: "Yeah, I'll be in a dorm, don't worry, guys! I won't be in an expensive apartment. I would love to be, though! But yes, I'll be in a dorm."

At this point, Kandi asked the 17-year-old if she was ready to be in a dorm, to which Riley answered with "No…mm mm."

The family duo also talked about what is to be done with Riley's old room, now that she is not living with her mother anymore, and Riley was adamant in her decision that the room is to be kept the same.

The duo appears close.

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