Kandi Burruss Gets Mom-Shamed After Sharing Video Where Her Son Ace Is Getting His Hair Braided And Edges Laid

Kandi Burruss Gets Mom-Shamed After Sharing Video Where Her Son Ace Is Getting His Hair Braided And Edges Laid
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An uproar over baby hair and edges! Kandi Burruss is getting mom-shamed over her decision to let her two-year-old son, Ace, to have a new hairstyle.

Kandi's personal hairstylist braided Ace's long hair into cornrows, and she decided to lay his baby hair/edges with a comb.

A considerable debate started over a boy getting his edges laid.

One fan of the Real Housewives of Atlanta star stated: "For all, you mofos talking shit on here bout this baby y'all mofos don't have any edges because y'all don't have none. Who are you mind your business why You itches over here hating on this baby hair I got six boys, and all there hair gets braided up and their edges are always on point and yes they boys so who is you. Don't worry about the edges y all it' s not going to stay slick tomorrow it will be unslick you know how kids are."

Another commenter shared: "He is too handsome. The hairstyle is beautiful but why is she giving him baby hair waves! She should've just brushed his edges in. He's a boy. Hair looks good however he is not supposed to have sideburns. Tell her to leave his hairline alone. My son's hair was like that, and he wouldn't let me comb it. He got his first haircut at eight months old...it's pretty but a lot to handle especially for a boy."

This critic said: "All these people defending that foolishness. Yes, it's her son, but he doesn't need his damn edges fried, dyed and laid to the side. I would never lay my sons baby hair down!! Idgaf what u do with yours!! He didn't need his edges laid!! I said what I said!"

A supporter claimed: "First, off it's not your child second I do my sons like shit you just a hater set down and stop hating.first of all!! Man, I swear people make me sick, commenting and giving their worthless opinions about someone else's child's hair. Who gives a crap about you and what you think about baby hairs being laid? No one. This is not your son so who cares what you think I have six and yes the hair is just like his but this, not your son again, so we don't care"m so happy for you and Todd. You work hard to provide for your beautiful family, and nothing is wrong with that... Life is not promised, so you guys continue to do you. I always have like you since I was young I am now introducing your group to them... I'm team Kandi all day."

What are your thoughts on this hair debate?

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  • Pepper
    Pepper Dec 8, 2018 7:51 PM PST

    I don't see why anyone has the right to mom shame you. Ace is your child and do what is right for him. No one can be a parent to Ace better then you and Todd. Nobody is perfect we all make mistakes so, nobody has the right to Judge if any judging should be done judge yourself first. Leave Kandi's parenting alone Ace is a wonderful child.

  • jyw
    jyw Dec 7, 2018 12:46 PM PST

    he's really a handsome little boy, but personally, if he were mine his hair will be cut. Nowadays, you can't tell a boy from a girl. Just like Rasheeda's little boy, precious as all Outdoors but the way she kept his hair braided I thought he was a girl. Society is confused enough. Ijs

  • Ky
    Ky Dec 7, 2018 12:14 PM PST

    He’s a boy. Why do some mothers feel the need to make their pretty boys more effeminate?? I know Landi’s edges are probably eviscerated from the nonstop weave she wears but she should have brushed those baby hairs in and stop trying to live vicariously through her male child ?

  • CeeCee
    CeeCee Dec 5, 2018 12:54 PM PST

    Nothing wrong with whatever you decide to do with YOUR child’s hair! He’s a little cutie so whatever you do some folks are going to complain. HATERS!!

  • Cahr
    Cahr Dec 4, 2018 1:15 PM PST

    Could some fans be any pettier?? That's so stupid. That shows they have nothing better to do. If it had been a little girl what would have said?? Smh

  • Gay Solonchak
    Gay Solonchak Dec 2, 2018 1:57 PM PST

    I think Ace looks fabulous. He’s a handsome little boy and if I’m not mistaken he has Kandi’s eyes. Kandi, you and Todd are his parents and you should do his hair any way you choose. Have a blessed holiday,?

  • Tonii
    Tonii Dec 2, 2018 10:26 AM PST

    Kandi just keep praying to God to continue letting you be a good Mother to all 3 of children. You keep praying. God's answered will never fail you. God doesn't make any mistakes. He'll give you peace that will surpass all understanding. Just look to God for any answers that you need any guidance. Because a human being Will fail you EVERYTIME. God bless you and you family.

  • Lynn
    Lynn Dec 2, 2018 7:25 AM PST

    Lord, help your miserable people! Because she is famous ,you miserable people throw shade an hate! Damn, y’all always gotta make something out of nothing!! Stay blessed Kandi an family ?

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