Kandi Burruss' Fans Want To Know Where She Stands Regarding The Whole Mute R. Kelly Movement

Kandi Burruss' Fans Want To Know Where She Stands Regarding The Whole Mute R. Kelly Movement
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Kandi Burruss shared a post on social media account with her flawless look for work, but fans had other things in mind. Despite Kandi's graceful dance moves in the stylist's chair, her follower has some questions to ask.

'Never not working! Thanks, @alexander_armand & @beautybybeyina for getting me right today!' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone brought up the R. Kelly issue and had a few words for Kandi:

'@kandi Kandi, I’m a fan of yours, but I did just watch the R Kelly series, and they said that his spot was canceled on tour in Chicago last year with Xacape and lyfe Jennings...... did you guys all decide to cancel him, and also I’m curious to know if you are apart of the Mute R Kelly movement now?? I’m kinda shocked even after all the allegations you guys still had him as an act on tour with you guys. Totally not dissing you or anyone but I’m curious to know where you stand in this????'

Speaking of R. Kelly, it was recently reported that Lady Gaga has decided to throw R. Kelly under the bus after the Lifetime docu-series,  Surviving R. Kelly .

It was also reported by The Blast that just a few hours before Lady Gaga made the announcement, those who are the closest to the criminal investigation of R. Kelly said that they think he is planning on fleeing the country with his girlfriends to Africa before the prosecutors charge him with a crime. We'll keep you posted anyway.

Another one of Kandi's supporters is confident that she and Todd Tucker are expecting a child via surrogate: 'You and Todd have a baby on the way. Why you’re not talking about that.Someone having it for you.

Someone else believes this about Todd and Kandi's marriage: 'it will last way longer than Porsha's..what u guys don't seem to realize is what Kandi and Todd have is real..Their relationship is not a fly by night. Plus you don't see Todd texting his ex. So sit back and watch Porsha play house come tumbling down..It's just a matter of time..Trust and Believe😉😉😉😉'

Kandi still has to address the R. Kelly issue.

He was just spotted at the club in Chicago last night and The Shade Room posted the video as you can see above.

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