Kandi Burruss' Fans Love That She's So Competitive In All The Shows

Kandi Burruss' Fans Love That She's So Competitive In All The Shows
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Kandi Burruss shared a video in which her nails and looks are discussed, but what fans are most impressed about is the competitive nature that the RHOA star features. Here's the video below and her fans' praises.

'The takeover today is with @imnails, and she is discussing my nails and the different looks! You get some behind the scene info today on one of my looks! See the full video and subscribe on YouTube: Kandionline' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone told her 'Bitch you a real boss! You are on 2 shows tonight....2....and Im trying to watch both💜💜💜' while another supporter told Kandi 'You are so competitive @kandi lol. I love it.'

Someone else said '@kandi I’m watching just watching big brother episodes thank God you're there with that crazy Tamar, u talking her off cliffs, stopping her from getting in fights😂😂 no matter what relationship y’all had u a good one💕'

One fan joked and said that '@kandi talks with her hands cause if anyone gets stupid and ready... She stays ready to get on your level if she had too. So don't push her cause that finger will start pointing.'

Another excited follower posted: 'I am so in my feelings because of the watch big brother from the other night and tomorrow was going in on you and the crazy thing is I like to take my two, but now I'm back feeling some kind of way about her right now because she went in on you and I was pissed why is she coming for you.'

The same person continued and said, 'and I also want to let you know that giiirrrrrrrl you were hitting those notes on the real house tonight when y'all did your song AWESOME 😍 AWESOME💜 @kandi.'

Just recently, Kandi's fans made sure to warn her about Tamar Braxton. As you know, both ladies are on Celebrity Big Brother these days.

A recent video from the CBB show was showing  Tamar and Kandi squashing their beef  and giving each other a hug.

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