Kandi Burruss' Fans Advise Todd Tucker To Listen More To His Daughter, Kaela Tucker

Kandi Burruss' Fans Advise Todd Tucker To Listen More To His Daughter, Kaela Tucker
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Kandi Burruss posted a new episode about RHOA on her YouTube channel's 'Speak On It' series. Check it out below.

First of all, Kandi announced fans that she was about to post the video on her IG account. Here's what she told her followers:

'The Georgia Peaches are back tonight on @bravotv! Make sure to watch the new episode of #RHOA it’s a good one! & of course, I’m posting my #SpeakOnIt about the episode at 9 pm on my Youtube page #KandiOnline. I swiped this peach from @jamesjohnsta!'

Kenya Moore gushed over the RHOA star in the comments, posting a bunch of red heart emojis.

Anyway, here's Kandi's video on YouTube:

In the comments, people were addressing the relationship between Todd Tucker and his daughter, Kaela.

Someone commented: 'It hurt my heart to see the convo between Todd & Kaela. It's clear she's hurt, and he didn't seem to fully understand her point of view. I'm sure he means well, but she obviously feels as if she's missing something in their relationship.'

Another follower posted this: 'Todd needs to listen to his daughter or eventually she not gonna want to be around him.'

Someone else said: 'Also Kandi, your stepdaughter is also your kid once you married her dad, so it's ok to step in and have her back just as you would with Riley.'

One follower wrote: 'Todd, please don't stop talking to your daughter she needs you more than you know!! You are a good dad, so keep it going!!'

Another fan also had a few words for Kandi's hubby: 'Todd, take a moment and listen to your daughter. Listen to what she has to say, she's not a boy show her some love because she needs to feel secure from her dad. Listen with an open heart and ear because she needs you, stop being so hard on her. You have to trust your daughter's decision, it's called life - she will learn; continue to guide her even if she makes a mistake.'

Other than this, Kandi seems to be intro throwbacks  these days.

She’s been posting some older songs on her social media account, and she also shared a photo of herself from eight years ago that she said she loves.


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