Kandi Burruss Explains Her Issue With RHOA Co-Star Yovanna Momplaisir

Kandi Burruss Explains Her Issue With RHOA Co-Star Yovanna Momplaisir
Credit: Source: Essence

Kandi Burruss was smack dab in the middle of getting to the bottom of the #snakegate drama on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Once she found out that the slitherer was none other than Yovanna Momplaisir -- she couldn't help but feel a little betrayed.

In case you haven't been watching, Nene Leakes revealed that there was 'audio' of Cynthia Baile badmouthing her. Kandi was the first lady of the group that the Broadway star made up with so it was natural that she was the first in the know.

Cynthia, along with the rest of the group, wanted to know who the sneaky person was. Bailey eliminated Marlo Hampton while Kandi thought she eliminated Yovanna.

However, it all changed in Toronto when the ladies found out that it was Momplaisir , who previously firmly denied she had anything to do with it, that had the audio -- which she later denied and worded that there were 'receipts.'

While talking to Essence, Kandi explained why she felt a way about the way Yovanna went about things.

What particularly ticked Burruss off was that in addition to outright denying she had anything to do with the drama -- she made the extra effort to hang out while they weren't filming.

Kandi had taken a liking to the CAU alum but was disappointed to find out she was the culprit all along.

'I didn't know Yovanna that well. And so, if we already don't know you that well and they're not saying clearly but Marlo and Nene are hinting that you are the snake that could possibly be recording people -- I don't want you hanging around me. I don't know you like that already, I'm already weird about new people and then I find out you recording people. Nah I'm good girl.'

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