Kandi Burruss Documents Her Fun Weekend With Riley Burruss - Here Are The Cute Pics In Which The Ladies Are Twinning

Kandi Burruss Documents Her Fun Weekend With Riley Burruss - Here Are The Cute Pics In Which The Ladies Are Twinning
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Kandi Burruss had a lot of fun this weekend together with her daughter, Riley Burruss. She made sure to share a few pics on her social media from a roller coaster ride.

Kandi made sure to tell her fans that both she and her daughter are thrill seekers.

'I just had the most fun with my baby girl @rileyburruss at @sfgradventure! We are both thrill seekers & we love roller coasters. It’s my goal to go to every major amusement park & ride the best roller coasters. If you ever make it to New Jersey go to @sfgradventure. My favorite was #Nitro & #ElToro. I didn’t get a chance to ride Kingda Ka, but I’ll have to come back for that one! #sixflags Tell me your favorite amusement parks. Chime in below!' Kandi captioned her post.

Someone recommended Kandi to 'Head to Abu Dhabi and ride the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World! It goes 150 miles per hour. It’s the fastest roller coaster in the world. We rode it twice then had to lay down on the couches outside the ride!'

A fan told Kandi to try 'Cedar Point In Ohio😆 you must go! They have the tallest and fastest roller coasters in the world!!'

A supporter agreed and said 'Cedar point is the greatest coaster park ever! Their logo is "home of the roller coast." As a rollercoaster enthusiast, there is no amusement park that can top it. #SanduskyOhio #CedarPoint #Addicted #MagnumIsMyFav.'

Kandi begins her tour next week , and she'll be taking her racy show Welcome to the Dungeon to more cities.

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  • Phina Barron
    Phina Barron Apr 29, 2019 6:53 AM PDT

    NeNe Leakes has forgotten where she came from. I remember when she didn't look like she does now. It's amazing how money changes some people. Anybody who looks better than her, well you know what I mean. God has blessed her with material things that he can always take back. I feel sorry for Greg...Wake up NeNe!

  • Patricia Phillips
    Patricia Phillips Apr 28, 2019 8:06 AM PDT

    I have noticed so many articles where Candi and her daughter or son are featured,I would like to make a comment over the fact that Todd has a daughter as well and it seems like Candi's always going on about her daughter Riley.it seems like her stepdaughter does not seem to be apart of the mother daughter relationship that Candi has with Rilely. I cannot imagine that Todd feels okay with this it is like his daughter is the forgotten child.i must say that even the son gets more attention that Todd's daugther.it seems that she would be treated the same and rewarded for her achievements as well,Todd's daughter is just as pretty and I would have to say that Riley comes across as saying inappropriate things to Todd and making negative remarks publicly about him I have not ever read that his daughter was disrespectful of Candi.this kind of seperation between siblings can create alot of tension in the family.

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