Kandi Burruss Denies Protecting Kenya Moore During This Season Of RHOA

Kandi Burruss Denies Protecting Kenya Moore During This Season Of RHOA
Credit: Source: Bravo

This season of Real Housewives of Atlanta saw the return of Kenya Moore. Two key players in getting the mother of one back on the cast are Kandi Burruss and Cynthia Bailey.

It's well-known that the supermodel is besties with Kenya; however, many fans noticed that Kandi was much closer to Kenya this installment than ever.

Often, fans commented via social media that Burruss is allowing Moore to get away with murder. However, she's addressed the accusations on her Youtube show and most recently on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy Cohen asked Marlo Hampton what she wants Kandi to answer at the virtual reunion rumored to be filmed on Thursday, April 23.

Hampton wanted to know 'when Kandi became Kenya's publicist.'

Burruss took the time to shoot down the accusation once more.

'That is not true! Listen! First of all, I didn’t even speak on her mess. But because I did not have an opinion that was against Kenya, people were upset, or you, obviously, were upset. That is not true! Y’all sat up there and watched me have a full-on back and forth with her about what happened at Cynthia’s engagement party. So I let her know I didn’t like that.'


As Andy agreed that the singer did speak up when she felt Kenya was doing something wrong, she also brought up Hampton's hair event where Kenya crashed with her own hair products to the tune of a marching band.

'Even at your event Marlo, before you walked over there, I was asking Kenya, ‘Why would you come in here with a drum line?’'

This comes after the mother of three claims that fans 'see what they want to see' because they may have a distaste for Moore.

Do you think that Kandi protected Kenya too much this season? Or was she acting as a friend?


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  • Faye Harrison
    Faye Harrison May 19, 2020 2:35 PM PDT

    Here's the thing that can't stand a person once they get on the show.after they get a little TV time. Kandi can't sing but she make money in writing and selling sex toys.girl bye. Eva is a washed up model. Kenya a lost miss America person but is a nasty nasty woman and mean. Cynthina is a person that just want to be married because the other one didn't last. The rest are hating on Nene because she speak her mind and came up with the ideal of the show they will do and say anything to try and get her spot. This is happening on all the shows when a person come up with and ideal of a show get it going and that when they will try and push them out. Come up with a problem with that person. All this bs for a check. Can't trust none of them back stabbing.

  • Gwendolyn Y Morgan
    Gwendolyn Y Morgan May 19, 2020 12:13 PM PDT

    Hehe dont own the show. Hehe couldnt stand the heat ,so she closed the computer and left the room like Elvis... Lol. Hehe is always the victim ...trust and believe she aint a friend to none of them. She is a snake that slivers in and out of friendships as she need them. She love her Donald Trump!

  • LaVera Black
    LaVera Black May 19, 2020 8:17 AM PDT

    Kandi nor Kenya are not friends to anyone they both bare watching.

  • Joyce E Holloway
    Joyce E Holloway May 18, 2020 7:21 PM PDT

    I used to like Kandi but she is no good.Why now does she have an issue NeNe/

  • Ms. Carla Baby
    Ms. Carla Baby May 18, 2020 2:42 PM PDT

    I am very disappointed in Kandi's and Nene's behavior. I do believe that Kandi does not carry on with Kenya or do her face expressions at nothing Kenya does. But if the other ladies do something you can tell she don't like it. Nene you are my girl however, you carried on really badly. You ladies where tearing each other down too much for me. I love this show but you ladies need to have more love for one another especially being black women who are doing great things in life. Kandi, you act like you are scared of Kenya because you don't check her like you do the rest of the women period. Kenya is so miserable and down right disgusting, I don't know if its because of her not having her mom around or what but she's in a lot of pain and needs therapy seriously. Kenya is not anyone's friend and that's for real. The way she carried on with Cynthia in Greece and even started chasing her to make her look ignorant. Cynthia leave Kenya alone she is very mean spirited and anyone can get it. Kenya hits below the belt all the time. She is very educated but her spirit has been ruined and I don't think she will ever change because of all the heart she has had in her life. She need to move somewhere way down in the country whereas she is not around anyone. Kenya cannot keep a man or a friend for real. If my friend did me the way she did Cynthia I would never have anything to do with her. Have a show whereas the women are uplifting each other and not carrying on and beating down each other. Nene you where talking about Kandi, I don't know why you didn't admit it. Nene you are my girl and I understand why you are upset. However, don't ever speak something and then back down like you did. Also, at your age I want you to speak more as a woman of class from here on out. Porsha you where lit !! You did back off of Kenya because of the things she was doing to Cynthia so you made a smart move. Good luck to all the ladies but just be mindful that as Black Women I want to see you all uplifting each other and not being so vicious. I didn't like that at all.

  • Swells
    Swells Apr 23, 2020 12:55 PM PDT

    Kandi does support Kenya's b.s. And that doesn't mean Nene shouldn't be held accountable for her behavior. But Kandi and Nene aren't really friends! And Kandi can be shady as 💩 too! Nene and Kenya can both have several seats...and hush up!

    • Donna K Palmer
      Donna K Palmer May 18, 2020 6:55 PM PDT

      Cannot stand boring Khandi. She spends the most money to host events and she is still boring. Khandi was so happy to say Nene is to be gone from the show when she closed the laptop at the reunion. Khandi you're pure boring. No one want to see you, please be gone. Nene get her off your show. That show belongs to you, Porsha, Phaedra. and the rest of your friends. Khandi be gone boring.

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