Kandi Burruss' Daughter Riley Steals The Spotlight At Wedding Thanks To Her Outfit In Sweet Pictures With Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss' Daughter Riley Steals The Spotlight At Wedding Thanks To Her Outfit In Sweet Pictures With Todd Tucker
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The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss had a blast at her cousin's wedding, but daughter Riley stole the spotlight unintentionally due to her dress and shoes.

The Internet loves debates, and currently, Kandi's fans are butting heads over a pair of shoes.

Riley looked pretty as ever in a little black dress as she posed for cute photos with Todd Tucker and Mama Joyce.

However, fans are focused on the fact she did not wear high heels. A hater shared: "I don't like how your daughter is wearing sneakers to a wedding."

This person said to give Riley a break, she is smart, pretty, humble and can wear whatever she wants.

The follower wrote: "Yes, you are allowed to have an opinion but don't you think. Is it the least bit tacky to criticize someone's child on their page? Well, she wore comfortable to her, damn. It is not your child, don't worry about it. I’ve been watching Housewives of Atlanta since the beginning, and I feel like I have seen Riley grow up. She has grown into a beautiful young lady!! I know you are proud."

Another commenter stated: "Kandi dress is so cute. I guess Riley still haven’t master wearing heels. The bride looked beautiful. Your daughter is so beautiful. I can tell that you’ve put your heart and soul into raising her to be kind and smart."

This supporter claimed Riley is a winner and added: "yaaaaas Riley wins with the shoes! Stunning bride! First let me I thought Riley was you, and I see the both of you are slimming down nice. Keep up the excellent work. You guys like ao beautiful. Kandi and your family, re beautifully together. It's not easy being so grounded and famous. You are doing both with class and dignity. God Bless you and yours."

Riley, who will be 16 soon, is doing great things.

Kandi revealed: "Yesterday was a big day for my baby girl! @rileyburruss had her first interview & then her first day of her internship at a law firm! I was so excited for her. She didn’t want me to post pics of her outfit she wore to the internship for some reason but here are just a few more pics from the day."

During Kandi's wedding, Riley already had issues with heels. Fans can at least agree on one thing, she is a great young woman.

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