Kandi Burruss' Daughter Riley Flaunts Her Impressive Weight Loss -- Video Reveals Her Secrets To Success

Kandi Burruss' Daughter Riley Flaunts Her Impressive Weight Loss -- Video Reveals Her Secrets To Success
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You go, girl! Riley, the teen daughter of Kandi Burruss, has decided to explain how she accomplished the incredible feat of losing over 50 pounds in less than 9 months.

The young lady has appeared in a video where she told her fans that she will help them reach their weight goals by sharing her secrets.

In case you have missed it, on Thursday, Ace Tucker's older sister went viral.

Via Instagram, the stunning young lady unveiled before and after photos of her impressive weight loss.

She confessed that she worked out with one of Atlanta's most famous trainers and two of her close friends.

Kandi's baby girl said: "I just really want to send a big shoutout to @iamthekingoffitness because having a fantastic trainer was very helpful throughout this journey and motivated me to keep going. I also want to thank my friends @jake.vett & @olivervett for keeping me motivated as well. My journey is not over. I have larger goals I am trying to reach, and I hope everybody follows me throughout my journey. I’ve been seeing peoples comments about them struggling with weight loss. I know the struggle & its real. But it can be done. Roll with me and let's do it together! & I just want to thank everyone for your supportive comments!"

The Xscape singer confirmed that her fabulous teen has been eating right to shed the pounds.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star said: "My baby @rileyburruss posted her first vlog about her Weightloss journey on her #Youtube page. Click the link in @rileyburruss bio to see it. It’s pretty deep! Thanks for all the positive words of encouragement for my daughter. It meant so much to her & me! #RileyBurruss #TeamGetFit #RileysRoadToSuccess."

Riley said in her first video: "Hey everyone! I made my first Youtube video to share how I got started on this weight loss journey. Believe me, it hasn’t been easy! Subscribe to my Youtube page. Comment below and let me know what other videos you all would like to see!"

One fan praised Riley by saying: "Your such an inspiration to myself and so many others. Proud of you Riley, just a fan of your mother."

Another commenter stated: "Awesome job!!! I’m like 230, and my goal is 170... this is always motivating to see!!! Thanks for sharing!!!"

This supporter explained: "Congrats Riley, I wish I could be as motivated as you it’s so funny. You look just like @acewellstucker in the second photo. Like twinning!!"

Riley is doing big things like her mother.

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