Kandi Burruss Confirms That She And Kenya Moore Were Asked Back To RHOA -- Here's Why Kenya May Not Return

Kandi Burruss Confirms That She And Kenya Moore Were Asked Back To RHOA -- Here's Why Kenya May Not Return
Credit: Source: Bravo

Kandi Burruss is the only Real Housewives of Atlanta star that has been on every season since the series began airing. She recently confirmed that both she and Kenya Moore received their letters for the upcoming season -- but sources say that Kenya is thinking long and hard about whether she wants to return to the series for a good reason.

Kandi went live with TS Madison where they chatted about a multitude of things. A Kandi fan account captured the moment Madison asked if she would be coming back to the show.

'I got my letter if that's what you asking me. A whole bunch of people are going to be mad because they're going to be like 'Oh she don't need to be on there she boring [unintelligible].'

The gossip queen went on to ask why Kenya took RHOA out of her Instagram bio.

To which Burruss responded: 'She did get her letter so I don't know.'

The mother of one's Instagram bio currently reads: 'Wife, Mother, Actor, Film/TV Producer, Writer, Director, Former Miss USA, TV Personality CEO of Kenya Moore Hair Care link in bio #kenyamoore.'

A fan account explained that Kenya removed RHOA from the description two years ago when she left after her wedding to Marc Daly.

However, it's being said that Kenya has not given a response to Bravo yet. Although she has allegedly been offered more money to return -- the 49-year-old is said to be thinking of relocating to New York to save her marriage to Marc.

Daly, has not been a fan of the Real Housewives franchise from the get go but finally agreed to last season. Unfortunately, cameras captured the couple's marriage crumbling.

Sources claim that this has made Marc Daly even less of a fan of reality TV.

This is complicated for Kenya who portrays the reality villain so well that brings in the Bravo ratings and subsequently -- the Bravo payday.

Not to mention it's the perfect platform to promote her hair care line that has been added to Sally Beauty supply shelves.

Fans of Moore know her dream of having a husband and a family is something she's wanted since she's joined the show so if Daly asks her to leave again -- she may do so for the sake of her family.


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