Kandi Burruss Complains About The Way Daughter Riley Deals With Money After Buying Her A Very Expensive Car

Kandi Burruss Complains About The Way Daughter Riley Deals With Money After Buying Her A Very Expensive Car
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Boss Lady Kandi Burruss did an interview that her daughter, Riley Burruss, will not like very much.

The singer and Real Housewives of Atlanta star sat down with Money magazine and explained that she was always wise with money even as a child, but she cannot say the same for 16-year-old Riley.

Kandi shared: "I was a saver as a kid. That was my thing — I always wanted to make sure I had something [stashed away], you know? My mom used to drive me to the neighborhoods with big fancy houses and stuff. We’d ride around all the time and dream — like, “Oh, one day we’re going to have a house like that.” It’s really crazy to me now that I can afford any of those houses."

Kandi revealed that she was not able to pass any money lessons to Riley and added: "I need to do a better job of passing it on because my daughter is spending way too much money right now. Before she was driving, Uber was connected to my credit card; UberEATS was connected to my credit card. She was randomly ordering stuff every day. I put a little bit of money in her account, and one day she was down to a dollar. I was like, “Girl; you can’t do that.”

Meanwhile, Riley is still getting dragged for posting new pictures of her white SUV/Porsche Macan, which runs from $48,000 to upward of $70,000 that she received from her mom.

One fan said: "@kandi @rileyburruss regardless of what these negative people have to say. Live your best life and enjoy the heck of it!! @kandi has raised you to be a wonderful and respectful young lady and continue to be that was don’t allow these negative energy folks get to you. "

Another commenter stated: "Leave her alone why should she not show off her gift you don’t see her showing off about anything else you be humble and quiet.All of these jealous people talking about be humble. ?? The girl quoted a rap lyric from her favorite rapper because obviously it coincides with HER car. She isn't even bragging or "looking down" on anyone. Let it go. Do you Rilez?."

Riley and her mom have an interesting relationship.

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