Kandi Burruss Claims That Porsha Williams Is 'Good At Playing The Victim' -- Watch The Video

Kandi Burruss Claims That Porsha Williams Is 'Good At Playing The Victim' -- Watch The Video
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We recently reported that Kandi Burruss was invited to Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen . Now, it's time to see what she had to say about her RHOA co-star Porsha Williams.

Kandi told Andy that her beef with Porsha is 'a situation she brought on herself.' It seems that Kandi still has some resentments towards her RHOA co-star after the explosive reunion from the ninth season.

'A lot of times, I feel like she's good at playing the victim,' Kandi told Andy.

.But this is a situation she brought on herself,' she continued.

During the reunion, Kandi confronted her former co-star Phaedra Parks about her role in spreading some vicious rape rumors that she had to combat all the season.

Rumors were that Kandi and her husband had said that they wanted to drug Porsha in order to take advantage of her.

Porsha said during the reunion that she first heard about this from Phaedra who also claimed that she heard it all from Kandi's own hubby.

Phaedra was fired from the RHOA show.

'[Porsha] admitted when she was on the show with you that she didn't think that I would do something like what she put out there to the world,' Kandi claimed.

'So it's like, why would you say it in front of a TV camera? And now you can't be mad that other people are looking at you crazy' the RHOA star continued.

Regarding the ladies' Barcelona trip that resulted in Porsha leaving sooner than planned after al altercation with Marlo Hampton, Kandi chuckled at Porsha's departure.

'We all were having fun, they were all taking digs at the table, and then all of a sudden, [Porsha] started crying about the doormat,' Kandi said.

'So I was like, 'Wait, why is she crying about a doormat?' And then it just went left. I do think that it just went out of control, but you know how we are -- if we're nearby, and she started fanning that fan in Marlo's face, of course, Marlo's going to snatch it out her hand, which took it to the next level,' Kandi concluded,


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  • Carol
    Carol Mar 16, 2018 9:49 AM PDT

    Kandi needs to get over it. She has no storyline so she holding on the venting about Porsha. Nene Marlo and Cynthia has no Storylines. So Porsha is a easy mark. What Marlo said about Porsha. Marla is a couture dressing prositute. All the stuff she said about Porsha she was talking about herself. All these old women are just picking on Porsha. She has a real job. She works on behalf of her Grand father’s Foundation Hosea Feed. She’s young and beautiful.

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